Don’t Be Alarmed!!

I don’t want to alarm anyone but MY CRAFT room is clean and organized. I EVEN sorted my vinyls!! WHAT?!!?  Yup, yup. I also realized I have more vinyl than Michael’s Craft Store does. Oh-Oh! I guess I’ll have to make more t-shirts!

Please LORD do not let Alice grow out of funny, cute, glittery t-shirts anytime soon!! PLEASE!

I’ve also added Resin pouring to my list of things I always wanted to try and never did.

Here is what I have learned. Ummmm bubbles are NOT easy to get rid of!! Stir too fast. BUBBLES. Pour too fast. BUBBLES. LOOK at the resin as it dries. BUBBLES. So I will be You-Tubing Resin pouring this weekend.

My first try I made book marks and they came out sorta okay. Since my sister and I were raised on a HUGE rabbit farm (neither of us are fond of the little critters) I thought this would be funny.

Then I did skulls.

These are supposed to be crystal clear. They are not. I also get a wild hair in my crafting hand and decide EVERYTHING is better with GLITTER! Hello! So, I added glitter to my sisters skull decorations, thinking I would play on the Sugar Skull idea. It did not work as hoped. The glitter seemed to pool in one area.

So, with the diamond I decided, a little glitter, a little resin. Too many bubbles but it’s purple and sparkly, so Alice will like it for her desk.

THEN I had a wild hair, why not try some leftover acrylic pour paint?!? NOW, IF this dries as is it will be really cool looking. With still too many bubbles. The finished product is still 48 hours away so I’ll let y’all know. 





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