Don’t Face Alameda County Judges without a Lawyer

Don’t Face Alameda County Judges without a Lawyer

Alameda County, California has a low rate of violent crimes, but living in that area doesn’t mean that you’ll never find yourself standing in a courtroom. All it takes is one too many drinks before climbing in your car for you to face a DUI charge. In the state of California, you might find yourself attending an alcohol rehabilitation program, paying a high fine or even spending a few days in jail because of your drinking. Though you might think that you’ll never need an attorney, having a lawyer’s number nearby can help you take care of emergency situations right away.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence refers to any type of violent action done by one person to the his or her spouse or partner. Even if you and your partner seldom fight, you might still need an attorney’s help for a loved one. What happens if your son finds himself in jail after his girlfriend claims he beat her? Even if the charges aren’t real, your son will need someone to represent him in court. An Alamada County lawyer can arrange for bail with the court, talk to your loved one about the charges and give you up to date information about the case.

Facing a DUI Charge?

California law lets police officers run blood alcohol concentration and sobriety tests on anyone they think is guilty of drinking and driving. Field sobriety tests check the way your body responds to certain tasks, and low blood sugar and certain medical problems can cause you to fail those tests. Even if you are guilty of driving while intoxicated, the right lawyer can help you walk away from the charge without spending any time in jail. Your lawyer can arrange for you to perform community service, attend a rehab center or take an alcohol awareness class in lieu of jail time.

Don’t Face the Judge Alone

Don’t face the judge and the courtroom alone. Far too many people in the state find themselves facing jail time and high fines for charges that a lawyer could help them beat. This Alameda County attorney has years of experience helping residents of the community. You’ll find that the lawyer worked on cases ranging from burglary and assault to homicide and other felony charges. While the thought of jail might scare you, your lawyer can help you better understand your case and how you can beat those charges.

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