I was lucky enough to test a couple of products from Eco Babies.
First: Nature’s Baby Organics Baby Oil. LOVE THIS!!!  I love this for ME!! Seriously! This baby oil isn’t the old J&J oil that feels sticky after you put it on. This oil absorbs quickly and smells deVINE!! (It’s a light mandarin coconut fragrance. YUM!!) My skin has been so dry lately. Nature’s Baby made a difference the first day I tried it. My skin feels good and looks good all day. I also love the healthy sheen my skin has. I was really impressed with Nature’s Baby oil after it helped my cracked and dry heels! I put the oil on after my shower added socks and the next morning I couldn’t believe the difference! I can’t think of anything I don’t love about this oil! I don’t even want to share with Baby Alice! (look how soft my arm looks!! Stop looking at the baby… look at my arm!)

Second product I tested is the Nature’s Baby Organics Face and Body Moisturizer.
Baby Alice has such sensitive skin, she even breaks out wearing certain diapers! Nature’s Baby Organics didn’t make her breakout. The lotion absorbs quickly and it’s fragrance free.  I love the list of ingredients! It’s all things I can pronounce!
Ingredients: Organic aloe, safflower seed oil, shea butter, macadamia seed oil, olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, glycerin, vitamin E, chamomile, calendula.

I love how quickly the lotion absorbs, no slippery baby here. (Yes, now you can ohhh and ahhh over the baby) I’ve used the lotion everyday too. I have to tell you, my skin feels great! It’s summer time I don’t have that dry itchy summer skin. The lotion isn’t heavy or greasy feeling at all. (LOVE THAT!!)
All in all I have to say Natures Baby moisturizer and Natures Baby oil are 100% thumbs up from Baby Alice and Nonnie. We LOVE THEM!!!
Grandma and baby
Thank you Ecobabies!!
Now I want to add a little more about the EcoBabiesonLine. It’s a “just add baby” store! Cloth Diapers, (along with a section on Cloth diapering 101. Seriously, everything you want to know about cloth diapering. FINALLY, a place that explains the difference between prefold, pocket, fitted and all-in-one diapers!) For those of you that are thinking of trying cloth diapering EcoBabies has a newborn/trial service! What more could you want from a website? Ohhh you want more??  Okay at EcoBabies on line you can find everything from nursing covers to toys! Baby carriers to clothing! There are gift certificates and baby registries!
I really hope you will go over and take a look. While you’re there be sure and check out the organic toys……… like this little crinkle duck!  How CUTE is he?!?! Ohhhh and check out the cute Diaperaps Swim Diapers.
I could do this all day……… ohhhh now go look at this… ohhhh try this….. Just go look.

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  • Selena Gruning

    Mom, Alice was so soft and smelled so good last night – I really like that lotion. She slept all the way home, she really liked her Nonnie rub-down. Then Mommy ruined it with a bath.
    Honestly I love the ECOBabies website, I went on there when you told me where you got your lotions and stuff and bought the Thirsties Fab Wipes for Lil’ Misses sensitive bum and they are so friggin’ soft. I love love love them. I also ordered the swim diaper – so Ill let you know when it comes.
    Love this site!

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