Escape The Rat Race and Start Your Own Business!

Woman on a laptopSo many of us feel ‘stuck’ when it comes to our jobs, and maybe you too feel as though you want to escape the rat race. When you trade your time for money doing something that you’re not passionate about, or work in a job where you have no opportunities to improve your skills or better yourself it can be really frustrating. If you’re in this situation, chances are you’ve thought about quitting to follow your own dreams and start up a business where you can earn money and work on your own terms. But you might be thinking where do you even begin when it comes to something like this? First things first, you need an idea- here are a few ways you can come up with something to build upon!

Consider Your Existing Skills

If you’ve worked in one industry or job for a long time then you probably have lots of skills relating to it that you can utilise by starting your own business. Just instead of working for someone else, you can work for yourself. It could be anything from hairdressing to construction if you have the right qualifications and experience. It could be bookkeeping, writing, cleaning- anything at all. If you go with a business idea based off the skills you have it will feel much less overwhelming as you’ll be doing something you know you can already do. 

Discover Your Passion

If you want to move away from the type of work that you currently do, think about what genuinely excites you instead. What are you passionate about, perhaps it could be something based on a hobby you have. Technology, fashion, photography, cooking- anything at all can be your start point that you can build ideas around. When you love what you do, it won’t feel like work and your enthusiasm will shine through in everything you create. Think about what kind of qualifications and/ or experience you’ll need to get started, maybe you could gain these before you quit your day job during your free time. Then when you launch your business you have a solid starting point. 

Identify Problems and Solutions

A successful business will identify a problem and resolve that. Consider the sorts of challenges that people face in their daily lives within the industry you’re thinking about starting a company in. What kinds of problems do you see that you might have a unique solution for? Businesses often do really well by addressing common issues, making people’s lives easier, more enjoyable or just more efficient. Think about getting help from business advisors as they can work with you to make your idea even better by finding places where there’s a need in the market. They can then show you how to use what you’re good at to fill that need.

Starting a business this day in age is easier than ever, just about all of the setup can be done online and you’ll most likely be able to find all of the courses you need to educate yourself online too right from the comfort of your home. The issue is that this has lead to an over saturation in many industries, but if you think your idea through carefully and find your specific niche then there’s no reason you can’t make your business a success. 


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