Extra Large Fly Swatter!! Electric!!

Bugs be GONE!! Zapped!! GONE!! Check out this Extra Large Fly Swatter. Looks like a tennis racket, but it has a powerful current that kills bugs on contact. Nothing interrupts a family time outside like mosquito’s and other flying critters. This fly swatter zaps everything from tiny gnats to giant roaches! IF it flies, crawls or creeps this fly swatter will take care of them.

This Extra Large Fly Swatter is a full 10.5″ x 8″ of zapping surface. The entire thing is made of a heavy duty ABS plastic with zinc steel strings. To operate the fly swatter just hold down the button. If you aren’t holding the button the fly swatter is not on. Super easy! There is even a LED light that comes on when the button is pushed.

The Astor Extra Large Fly Swatter runs on 2 C size batteries that are included! I love that!

Simply hold down the button and swing. Bugs fall dead!! You can’t miss! This swatter feels as comfortable in your hand as a tennis racket.

Built for Power and Endurance

This should not be touched by people or pets. Now, with that said, my darling son thought it was hilarious to touch the screen and make me wince. He said it felt like a zap. It didn’t hurt, so he said. I’m NOT touching it to test it myself, Zachary has been known to for his, ummmm unique sense of humor. I had never own an electric fly swatter before, now? I can’t imagine NOT owning one!

I’m also thrilled that this swatter takes no effort at all. Mostly because everyone else LOVES to be the one swatting bugs!! I get to sit back and enjoy my bug free day!

Two thumbs way, way, WAY up for Astor’s Extra Large Electronic Swatter. The best Fly Swatter ever!!

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