Facts About Scorpions And How You Can Prevent Them

Scorpions are without any doubt, one of the most feared household pests. According to a recent homeowners survey in the U.S, people dread scorpions due to their ability to sting. And since some species of scorpions have deadly venom, people are frightened at the sight of one near their homes.

While scorpions are usually found in the Southwest regions of U.S, weather and other factors can bring them to many other regions. This is why you should always be on guard and protect your home from these pests.

While you can keep your family safe from ticks, and other household pests like cockroaches, and crickets, scorpions are a different story. Usually, the best way to control a scorpion breakout is to get help from a scorpion pest control company.

Here are some facts why you should never try to deal with scorpions on your own.

Nocturnal – Scorpions only come out at night which means they usually enter your home when you are sound asleep.

They can shine in the dark – scorpions have a protein that becomes fluorescent under dark conditions supported by black light. If you see a scorpion shining, don’t be surprised.

They hide nearby – scorpion nests are typically found in places where there are woodpiles, debris, tree bark, rock crevices, and brushes.

They can survive without food – scorpions are able to survive for months without food. They only need water to keep going. If you have puddles near your home or have a pool in your backyard, make sure it is regularly checked by a scorpion pest control company to keep scorpions away from these places.

How To Prevent Scorpions From Entering Your Home

From the scorpion facts above, you can take the necessary precautions to help keep your family safe from scorpions.

Clear any water puddles – make sure no water puddles are around your home. Since scorpions can survive months on just water, they can often come out at night to reside in puddles and pools.

Block all entrances – make sure all of your home walls, concrete areas, woodwork, basement, and other locations are well protected and free from cracks. Scorpions usually enter homes from cracks in these areas.

Keep the lights on – scorpions don’t like bright light. Make sure most of your home from the entrance is brightly lit. Keep bulbs on at all times in the night to prevent them from coming near to your home.

Should You Hire A Scorpion Pest Control Company?

Although most scorpions are not deadly, there are still some species whose sting can leave behind venom that can result in a fatality. If youhave a reason to believe that there is a scorpion nest near your home, you must get in touch with a reliable scorpion pest control company to check the surrounding area.

Pest control services ensure that your home is safe from scorpions and other pests that are food for these critters.

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  • Ann

    THOSE PHOTOS!!!!! CONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ……….I avoid them by living in the upper Midwest. Coyotes have been spotted wandering around downtown Chicago (they like to visit little deli cases), but so far, no scorpions.

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