Famous Dave’s Moisture Tan Review!

Ya’all know I’m trying very hard to NO longer be a sun worshiper. It’s HARD!!!  I love being tan!! I am itchin’ to lay out in the sun!!  I’ll feel better, I’ll look better (until the sun damage catches up with me… the age spots…. the wrinkles….dry skin! I’ll be sad again!!)

I found a way to have BOTH a tan and no sun damage!!  I’m so excited to share my review about Famous Dave’s Moisture TAN!!

First things first, follow them on Facebook for specials and to win a FREE bottle!!  Trust me!  You’ll want to enter!!

Prep work. 100% worth the time! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!! This will help your tanner go on smoothly and avoid dark spots!  Take your time.   

Rub in Famous Dave’s Mositure Tan in circular motions and rub into the skin until it’s completely absorbed.  I took my time per the instructions “You really can’t rub it in too much” I avoided my knees, elbows and heels. 

Famous Dave’s comes with a handy cheat sheet that tells you the suggested amounts of tanner you need for each part of your body.  That was VERY helpful!!  No guessing….. do I need more here?  How much is too much?  It’s all written out for you!!

When your done wash your hand with warm soapy water for AT LEAST 30 seconds.  (which worked wonders!!  No color on my nails or palms! WOO HOO!!)

I started off with bright neon white legs.  One application 2 hours later. AMAZING!!  That is just one  coat! I’m super pleased with the color! Just a little sun-kissed brown with NO orange!!!  I LOVE IT!!  I should have skipped the top of my feet only because of the flip flop marks… but… the next coat will take that away. This was a learning experience!

First plus, the scent…… there isn’t any!!  WOOO HOOO! You won’t have that gross smell that lingers forever like other self tanners have.  Two thumbs UP!!

Second plus…. after rubbing it in wait 5 minutes, get dressed, go to bed whatever….. it won’t leave color on your bed or clothes!! ONLY 5 minutes!! Two thumbs UP!!

I noticed a nice bronze color quickly! (I wish I had more thumbs!!)  Two thumbs UP!!

I also did not notice any tanner in the bathtub!!  My tan has lasted 4 days so far!  I’m LOVIN’ this!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you Famous Dave’s Moisture Tan!!

Purchase Famous Dave’s Moisture Tan for $29.97. An AWESOME value!!  A real SAFE tan!! With no orange!!  Did I mention I LOVE THIS STUFF?!?!?!?!?

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