Flik Flops THE Coolest Summer Shoe EVER!!

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Summer time means flip flops. Actually, living in Southern California I am almost positive that flips flops are the state shoe! Or they should be! Second only to light up shoes. Alice would live in her light up shoes. Now, combine the two? What do you have?  You have Alice’s favorite pair of shoes e-v-e-r.

There are a lot of reasons to love these shoes! First, the shoes only have lights on the outside of the shoes. Front to back. With each and every step these shoes light up! Walking a dog late at night in the dark makes these shoes even more impressive! Alice lights the way!! Kinda like the way Flik Flops came to being!

The idea originated from the inquisitive mind of a seven year old as she stood at a flashing crosswalk while on a family vacation in Laguna Beach. As the family waited to cross the street, the 7 year old said “Wouldn’t it be cool if they made light up flip flops for kids to keep us safer at night?” And that’s when the family realized such a product was not available. We’ve seen light up shoes and sneakers, but never flip flops like these. The rest is history.Kids love the interactive design and parents appreciate the added visibility of the LED lights especially at night, providing added safety as kids walk and play.  

FLIK FLOPS was launched in 2014, as a family business engaging the entire family of five. With three kids under the age of 10, the project was a collaborative experience where everyone had a part in the design and creation of the business. The 7 year old came up with the idea, the 6 year old with the name and little brother helped in quality control, in other words testing the durability of the product.

FLIK FLOPS is proof that children sometimes have the best ideas. 

The last week was spent camping in Morro Bay. There are never any lights when you are camping, being able to see Alice and where she is running is a MAJOR plus!! (Seriously, do kids ever walk anywhere?!) She was the easiest kid on the beach to follow. She lit up!

Not only are Flik Flops a fun, cute, bright but they really are a great safety item! Easy to wear. Comfortable to wear. Easy to pack! What more could you ask for?!

I chose the Mermaid Flik Flops.  Alice is Mermaid obsessed! She picked Mermaids to be her Birthday Party Theme.  I love the light blue base color and Alice loves the PINK and purple Mermaids. Her two favorite colors ever!

The second pair are red Heart Flik Flops. Red with pink and red hearts.

Yes, even with a fancy Flower Girl dress we were Flik Flops! What else would we wear?!

Cute? Check! Comfy?? Check!! FUN? YOU betcha!!!


NONE! These are super cute, excellent quality. The soles are nice and thick. They are well ribbed so Alice feels secure enough in them to run. The straps are nice and strong. These Flik Flops WILL last through several kids! AND I can spot Alice wherever she is running off to! I can’t say enough good things about these shoes!! PERFECT summer footwear!!

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