Floof! From The Makers Of Sands Alive

Wanna play in the snow with Alice? The kind of snow that isn’t cold. It doesn’t melt and your Mom won’t  care that you are playing with it on the kitchen table!! Meet Floof!
Floof! Is lightweight, lighter than air LIGHT! It’s moldable, stackable and really does feel like marshmallows, without the sticky mess!
Alice took one look at the bucket of Floof and couldn’t wait to get the lid off. Look at expression on her little face!

Floof! Is from the makers of Sands Alive; one of Alice’s all time favorite substances to play with. We even filled her little patio sandbox full of Sands Alive because she truly never gets tired of playing with it.

PBW_4249See?? It looks just like a big fluffy marshmallow!

Floof can be used every single day. Floof doesn’t dry out, it’s non-toxic, water-soluble and can be molded like clay!

Floof arrives in a bucket with an airtight lid that keeps it’s soft and moldable. Floof arrives with 2 round molds so you can make snowmen or snowballs. Alice doesn’t use the round molds very often, she would rather just smash, mold, fluff and create her own masterpieces.

“We wanted to create a product that would give people the familiar sense of Sands Alive! but with an innovative twist.” said Mark Chernick, Executive Director, Play Visions. “Floof’s texture and design allow for smoother creations of even bigger heights. We are excited to see how fans will explore and build.” With Floof, the possibilities of creations are limitless: from snowmen, to lions, to castles or trees. The process is simple: just mold, shape, stack and decorate. All your creations including your highest towers or tallest snowmen will stand tall and will not topple over due to the compounds composite. The compound is stronger and sturdier to support all of your creations. Floof’s formula ensures that creative imagination time is fun, safe, and worry free. Floof leaves no mess and can be easily cleaned up with a damp cloth.


Alice has no whines! She is having a great time with her Floof! I have no whines because Floof is easy to clean up. It doesn’t stick to the carpet, it doesn’t stick to the table or tile floors either!

There are even different Floof sets available; like the Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, Polar Babies, Snowball Maker, S’more Party, Sunny Day Cloud.

Floof is recommended for ages 3+ and is available at Learning Express, Hallmark, Cost Plus, and Amazon.com starting at $14.95.



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