Foods that Make You LOOK Good!

Don’t eat that! Eat This! For some reason, I feel like articles about what food to eat are getting more and more confusing? I once read that coffee is bad for our health, another article said it protects from type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease to name a few. Food is good. This is what it all comes down to, and we can still make it better by choosing carefully what we eat. The more we eat unprocessed, organic foods, the more we will reap the benefits of healthy food. Here are some of my favorites!

  1. Blueberries and Other Dark Berries  

They are loaded with antioxidants that boost our immune system. Berries are also excellent as an anti-aging fruit. They fight free radicals and rid the body of toxins. Here’s an added bonus – they also support digestion and support the heart.


  1. Walnuts

These tasty little guys are the brain food of the decade. They contain iron, selenium, some B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, and a host of other minerals. They are very powerful; half a cup of walnuts holds all of the Omega 3 you will need for the day!


  1. Avocados

This is a healthy fat that keeps you looking younger. It contains twenty vitamins and minerals, they work great as a hair mask, and they are pretty much the only fat that keeps your skin looking great. You have the fatty acid, oleic, to thank for that.

  1. Seaweed 

This is the holy grail of iron, omegas, iodine, and selenium (which aids in hair growth). This underwater treat is not only good for your inside but it’s a treat for your outside. It is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation has a horrible effect on the body, that could result in disease and obesity. So if this will help eliminate it? Then bring on the miso and the sushi!

  1. Flax seeds and Chia seeds

Chia seeds are packed with protein, fiber, and omega 3, which we all need for a healthy functioning body. Flaxseeds are also packed with omega 3s and help rid your body of waste. That, in turn, helps you absorb all of that goodness. It’s all about feeling good here, people, and they taste great in protein shakes, too.

  1. Lentils

Full hair, here you come! This protein and carb combo is packed with pantothenic acid, zinc, potassium, and vitamins B1 & B6. These are nutrients you need in your system if you want great hair and a happy tummy.

You can literally eat yourself pretty with these foods. Yes, there are more foods that support the body and support beauty, but these oddballs are sometimes forgotten or hard to get organically. Try your local farmers market or visit the organic section of your local grocery store. All these foods make great additions to a meal or great snacks. Happy shopping and eat responsibly!

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