For The Birds! Literally!

Stand alone bird feederWait till you see today’s review (which I can’t wait to set up in my new yard!) Alice and PopPop put together our new super cute bird feeder from Beaks and Paws. This is the Deluxe Wooden Bird Feeding Table that includes the stand and the feeding station.

This feeder is heavy duty! The wide, sturdy foot stand will keep the bird feeder in place. This will look amazing in ANY yard, but especially in my yard in Idaho. It’s time for another teaser photo for our new Idaho home.  Check out THIS view from our new master bedroom.

                               bird feeder

This beautiful bird feeder is made of natural wood. There are real roof shingles (composite tiles) on the top of the feeder which extend over the food area so that the bird seed doesn’t get wet.

The bird feeder stands 42″ high and has a fitted lid with an opening large enough to make filling the feeder easy!

Alice and PopPop had a great time putting the feeder together.  Assembly time took about 20 minutes; which if there hadn’t been SO much wonderful help this would have been a much quicker job.

A couple more photos from the deck of our new home. Sandpoint Idaho

Sandpoint Idaho

Sandpoint Idaho

I thought I would throw in a picture of the Idaho State Bird. This is the Mountain Bluebird.

I was also excited to learn that I can still enjoy my Hummingbirds because Idaho has tons of different kinds!! I do love my Hummingbirds.

Actually the list of birds is very long for Idaho and will all the trees we have around the house AND my new bird feeder I’m excited to sit with my camera and take some pictures.


None. Easy to assemble;well, with the exception of the 6-year-old. Sturdy. The reddish solid wood is beautiful to look at. The house design is cute. The feeder is easy to fill. This will be a great addition to our new home!


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