The Four Must Knows for Stay-at-Home Moms Looking to Start a Business

Maybe you’re a seasoned stay-at-home mom that’s growing a bit bored with your daily routine, looking for some way to feel more fulfilled.

Or perhaps your kids are about to leave the nest and you know that there’s something greater for you just around the corner.

Either way, once you feel the itch of entrepreneurship it’s difficult to ignore, isn’t it? Although there are plenty of joys to being a stay-at-home mom and watching your children grow before your eyes, the fact remains that starting your own business perhaps represents the ultimate feeling of fulfillment for mothers. This is especially true if you left behind a bustling career prior to settling down.

Work from home

That being said, you need to take some major factors into consideration before you decide to take the leap. Just like the fact that not everyone is cut out for the nine-to-five grind, entrepreneurship has some serious hurdles to entry that you’ll need to jump over if you want to succeed.

So, where do you need to know before you get started?

Protect Yourself

Regardless of what you decide to do, from stay-at-home marketer to business consultant on the side, it’s crucial that you understand that it’s a cutthroat world out there. When looking to make money online, there are plenty of spammers and scammers out there that could potentially lead you astray.

From working with clients and customers who will actually pay up to investing in protections such as business consultant insurance, anything you can do to keep yourself and your finances safe is a major plus. Only rely on trustworthy platforms regardless of your industry (think: WordPress, Shopify, etc) and be wary of anyone trying to sell you something that seems fishy.

Don’t Be Intimidated

“Analysis paralysis” often trips up new business owners who overanalyze every single aspect of their companies. Don’t be afraid to get started sooner rather than later: after all, over-planning kills good ideas and ultimately provides you an excuse not to get started. There are plenty of success stories out there from every corner of the web: what’s stopping you from becoming one of them?

Be Prepared to Learn Marketing

The barrier of entry to stay-at-home entrepreneurship is lower than ever, but you’re going to be expected to learn the ropes of marketing regardless of your service. The crucial pieces of Internet marketing that stay-at-home moms are expected to know include…

  • Blogging and copywriting: these skills will help you attract an audience and keep them interested in your story
  • Social media marketing, which ultimately keeps you closer to you potential customers and clients
  • Email marketing, allowing you to build a list of followers that hang on your every word

Think of these aspects of your business as pieces of a larger puzzle: there’s some trial and error involved, but once you master them you’re golden. In addition, you will also want to ensure your online reputation when building your brand, perhaps with the assistance of an online Reputation Management firm. A professional service can help you in creating the best possible online image for your brand.

Don’t Forget Your Family

When the wheels of your business start rolling, it’s tempted to let your entrepreneurial spirit consume you. While it’s good to enjoy your success, it’s important to find a sense work-life balance that ensures that your family doesn’t feel out of the loop. Between making time for your kids to communicating with those around you about how much time you expect to dedicate to your business, it’s important to be both open-minded and willing to compromise.

Starting a business as a stay-at-home mom is more than possible when you keep these considerations in mind. Don’t be your own worst enemy and hold yourself back: instead, explore opportunities today to finally make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.


  • Nancy C

    I work at home and I’ll tell ya, it is hard to balance work/family. I always try to make sure I make my kids feel cared about and listened to, even when I’m busy.

  • michele

    What a great post.. for years when my children were small I did a business through the post.. never thought to do it online at that time.. If I ever decide to start it again I will need all this advice…

  • Deanna

    These are great tips for anyone who is considering starting their own business from home. I know, for me personally, if it was me in that position, I would just always be getting so distracted from everything else and not be able to focus. But I know some people who have been able to make it work.

  • Jasmine

    Nice perspective! I have never made that transition. I imagine it would have its own set of worries and complications.

  • CJ

    I am hoping that more and more businesses give work at home options for stay at home moms, the disabled, and for the introverted. We are so connected via the internet and the computer these days.. it would be so helpful for a lot of people. And less traffic on the road too! LOL. 😉

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I couldn’t work from home! I’d end up in my pjs, drinking tea, up all hours & nothing would get done.

  • Rosie

    These are good ideas. I would want to make sure everything is done right. I had called zoning and they do not allow home based biz out of a residence that would be something like crafts. I never heard of business consult insurance – good to know. If I move to another town, I’m finding out ahead that they allow home based biz.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I give kudos to anyone who works from home & gets things done. It’s hard to motivate yourself, sometimes, when you are at home, to actually get work done—& sometimes, friends & family assume that since you’re home you’re available for anything they need done, lol.

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