Gardening! Me?! Yup It’s True!!

I’ve never been one to enjoy gardening. I’ve always called it yard WORK with such a tone of dread. I would much rather do anything; absolutely ANYTHING else.

Then Sandpoint Idaho happened to me. Now I have two area’s in the front of the house. Small areas that are so full of blooms and colors that go out a weed and fuss everyday. WITH A SMILE on my face?!  What has happened to me?!?!  You know my Mom is up in heaven looking down and laughing like crazy.

With the help of my girl friends I’ve been able to add names to a few. However, there are several we can’t seem to name. One, I am 99% sure it’s a weed. HOWEVER, there is a tag under it that reads: Cascade Double Pink Petunia’s. Although I can’t seem to see a picture without blooms. So, if you have Petunia’s ……. is this what then look like before they bloom? Or is it a weed?? (I actually tore out 4 and kept only one. Let me know if I should be sad). The leaves are on the fuzzy side.


I have several bags of red bark to lay down as soon as the siding is done on the house. I figure why lay that down when it will be trampled on next week. It’s also another reason I wanted to add flower pictures now. I think a lot of them will get trampled.  (Ahhhh the price of new siding!)

This white flowered bush is HUGE and is home to several different butterflies! 

Granite rocks are everywhere. I actually believe the whole house is built on one giant rock.

Sandpoint Idaho Flowers
How pretty is that flower??

Sandpoint Idaho Flowers

I love the uniqueness of these flowers. The orange/reddish ones are my favorite.

Sandpoint Idaho Flowers

Sandpoint Idaho Flowers

 This pretty little purple gems are sprinkled everywhere. In the cracks of the sidewalks, around bushes, around flowers.


Sandpoint Idaho Flowers

I even managed to fix all the broken drip lines today. My flowers will be so happy!

I still can’t believe I get to say “This is my house” I am in AWE of the view every SINGLE DAY!!!





  • Rosie

    The flowers sure make it so pretty, and then with the view – it is awesome! I don’t know the names of any of them, though!

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’ve got petunias but they’re nothing like that lad! Unless it’s a wild mountain variety & we get the hybrids for bedding/pots etc. The others are: irises & what looks like a white lilac bush, then the lovely reddy/yellow Aquilegia or Columbine and the little violas which will self-seed & grow anywhere. Oh, and I forgot your rambling clematis but don’t ask me which one! Enjoy, you lucky lady!

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