GBTIGER L701 7.0 inch 8GB Android 4.4 Quad Core Kids Tablet PC

I’ve found a great little kids tablet that is geared towards the younger crowd and my trusty reviewer, five-year-old Alice, and I went right to work.

This is the GBTiger Tablet.

The GBTIGER arrives well packaged. Inside the adorable box is the tablet, fitted case, power cord and instruction booklet. The screen is covered with plastic to protect it during shipping.

The first thing that I love is the case that comes with the tablet. I wish I had this case for MY iPad!! The case provides excellent protection. The case fits perfectly all the way around with a built in stand. Alice has already drop tested the tablet a number of times and I am pleased to report the tablet is without a single dent, scratch or ding. The super soft protective case come in this great turquoise color, green, red or rose color.

I love that the table is protected during shipping front and back.

The tablet comes in black or white.

The android tablet itself is small in size at 7″. With the case on the tablet is 8¼” by 6″ so it’s perfect for little hands.

Set up was super easy to do. The instruction booklet was easy to read and understand.

The screen clarity is crystal clear.

I love that there are learning apps available! Zoodles is pre-installed which is a great program! Some games and apps work without an Internet connection which means that the tablet is great for car rides!

One of Alice’s favorite things is watching YouTube Kids. This tablet allows her to watch all the videos in crisp clear perfection. The controls are easy to use. I love that I can set a time limit for her. I like to use tablet time as a bribe I mean reward for completing her homework. Having the timer turn off the tablet is a whole lot easier than being the bad guy and taking the tablet away.

After YouTube videos Alice’s second favorite thing to do is take pictures and create videos. The picture and video quality is great.

The GBTIGER tablet doesn’t have a lot of ram which is why I believe this tablet is really geared toward the younger of the kids. 500mb total ram; which is very low; along with only a 4.4 quad core and 4 cpu. There is 8GB of storage but there is a MicroSD slot on the tablet so you can extend that if you wanted.

The table doesn’t just hook to WiFi but can be connected via Bluetooth. A full charge happens in 4 hours.


My only whine would be the lack of ram, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing since I only want this tablet for a 5-year-old. But, I don’t know that this would be a great fit for older kids. But if you have young children or toddlers this is a fantastic tablet at a great price; under $60.



  • Kate Sarsfield

    I have never used a tablet, my Kindle gathers dust and I gave up on my smartphone. I should have been born in a different era!

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I wonder if something like this would suit my Mum? She’s never used any kind of device but wants to explore the internet and get ‘savvy’! I suppose it would depend on the age-appropriate content.

  • clojo9372

    This looks great! My youngest niece would love to get a tablet for her birthday. This might be the one to get for her! 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    I am familiar with using tablet time as bribe/reward for getting homework done, lol. It’s the only thing that works with my oldest nephew. This tablet looks great for kids.

  • michele

    This is great for kids! I watch my granddaughter with her tablet and am constantly worried about it getting damaged for lack of case and too many apps she doesn’t need.. a great buy Connie thank you

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