GelThotics Insoles Review and GiveAway!!

I am so excited to be reviewing Kendall GelThotics inserts.  I carry around Baby Alice all day on tile floors. (that little chunky monkey is killin’ my back!)  So when the opportunity to review Kendall GelThotics came around I jumped at the chance!!

I was excited to learn Kendall GelThotics is a made in the USA and actually a local San Diego area company!  They are in Poway. (just a short trip from where I live in Vista!)

Kendall GelThotic is a medically effective orthotic!  A technological breakthrough in pain relief.

These inserts are not your ordinary drop ’em in your shoes and go drug store inserts. These inserts retrain your feet and arches to a healthier position.

STEP ONE: Start by taking out the soft factory sole of your shoes and place the GelThotics insert in by lining it up at the heel portion flush with the heel of the shoe and begin pressing outward toward the arch. The tacty bottom will hold the orthotic in place. Put the factory insole back into your shoe and your ready to go!

(BONUS!! Want to change them to a different pair of shoes? No problem! Take them out, wash them (in the washing machine even!!) the stickiness will return and you are ready for the next pair of shoes!! Kendall GelThotics has the highest grade medical silicone that won’t break down or compress!! WOW!! You can’t say that about the drug store inserts!!!

NEXT: Wear them for 2 days then take them out for 2 days.
It’s true my feet felt tired after wearing them the first and second days, but I have to be honest when I first read that I should wear them for just  two days then remove them for 2 days…. my initial reaction…. plllleaseeee I can power through and just leave them in. The answer to that is NO you can’t!!  There are instructions with these GelThotics for a reason!!  When day three came around I was ready for a break. My arches were sore and I felt like I had been getting a work out just walking around the house and running errands. ALTHOUGH…..My back really felt great!! Usually after a full day of carrying Baby Alice around I feel it in my back!!  I didn’t using the GelThotics. (where were these things when I was working for Dr. H?  These would have been a blessing in my high heels!)

After a 2 day break your ready to put the insoles back inside your shoes and forget about them. I’ve worn the GelThotics now for a full 2 weeks and all I can say is “I need them”!! I am so glad I have them!! If you have any type of foot pain or back pain you will LOVE them as well!!  If you are a bicyclist, trainer, walker or runner you will be thrilled with these! My back and feet feel so great I think everyone should own these!!!

I am so excited that I will have these for my trip to Yosemite at the end of the week. All day hiking with the Kendall GelThotics my feet will be just fine!!  The GelThotics help retain the integrity of the natural fat pad under the heel.  The secret to the GelThotics is its SupportXGel, a modified ultra-soft long-life silicone gel that helps control pronation with stability through every phase of the gait cycle and provides one of the highest levels of shock reduction ever tested. 

Having “healthy feet” begins by getting your arches and feet into a healthy position

Kendall GelThotics has offered one VERY LUCKY follower of Peanut Butter and Whine their own pair!! Thank you Kendall GelThotics!!  This giveaway has a mandatory entry. Kendall GelThotics are a medically effective orthotic and so we would like to be sure they go to someone that would genuinely benefit from wearing them.

If you can’t wait to win use runfit for a 30% discount.
a Rafflecopter giveaway<a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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