Ghost feet?!?

This is the cutest idea EVER!!!!!   I found this on Pinterest.  If you have never been there leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll send you an invite.  There are SOOOOOO many project ideas!!  From kid crafts, sewing, photography, cooking….. you name it!!  Seriously, Pinterest will suck you in and you can’t stop looking at new stuff!!!  AMAZING site!
Anywayyyyyy.  Found Ghost Feet. So gathered the supplies (super easy!)
Blank canvas’s I used the smaller 6×10 (? I think that was the size) because my Grandbabies are 3 and under.

Take a small blank canvas.  Isn’t my model adorable?!

 Add black paint using a sponge brush.

   Let dry.  While those are drying we décorated monkey masks!

Then we got our production line set up…….we put white paint on a paper plate.  Held a second paper plate aside for foot dabbing.  We had a wash bucket of water and towel for clean-up.

One person held the kid…… one person added the paint and did the positioning and one person took pictures.  (My job was wayyyyy easier!)

I can’t even tell you how much fun we had doing this project!!

 After the paint dries add googly eyes and whooola!! Ghost feet!!

 I want you to know Emma wrote BOO all by herself!!  She’s only THREE!!!!!

This is Emma’s scary ghost face!  But, don’t be scared she’s very sweet.

Nonnie’s ghosts are Emma, Eli and Alice’s feet.  
 The GHOST team!!  


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