Giant Inflatable Unicorn Floaty!

This Unicorn is COOLEST FLOATY EVER!! I can’t wait for summer!!!!!!!!  First it’s BIG!! It comfortably holds all three Grandkids with no problems or it will easily hold 2 adults. This is perfect pool accessory! Absolutely PERFECT!! The main color is white, the horn is gold (Of COURSE!) The mane and tail are done in rainbow colors. Over all the effect is happy and FUN!!

UnicornThe Unicorn is made of quality vinyl, very smooth and soft to the touch. There is nothing that will snag or scratch anyone. This Unicorn has some heft to it, there is nothing cheap about this Unicorn.

I love the fact that the Unicorn has large inflation valves that make it super easy to use your hairdryer to inflate the Unicorn. Be sure to set the blow dryer on the cool setting. The large inflation valves are also perfect for deflating the Unicorn. The blow dryer made fast work of inflating the Unicorn. There are several areas that need inflating, the Unicorn, the seat, the mane and the head.

You can roll the Unicorn up tight and store it away in a rather small box to wait for the next sunny day!


The Unicorn will inflate to 8 feet long. This is from the very tip of the tail to the very tip of the nose of the Unicorn. The seating area isn’t 8 feet long. Still this is one BIG UNICORN!!

The Giant Inflatable Unicorn from #Floaty has a wonderful luxurious matte finish.


Oh my gosh! Not a single one! The kids actually wanted to get in the ICE COLD pool today just to ride on the Unicorn!! Crazy kids! WE can’t wait for SUMMER!!!!



  • Tamra Phelps

    Yep, I can totally see myself floating around in this with a cool pool on a HOT Summer day. It sounds good here in January, especially.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Well, I don’t have a pool, but this sure makes me long for some Summer heat! I can see taking this to our local water park, lol! Everybody would want to ride the unicorn down the ‘lazy river’ part of the park.


    Does everyone in America have a pool? Only kidding! It’s good that the various parts inflate separately, that way if you do get a puncture, the whole thing doesn’t collapse.

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