Gideon Flameless LED Candle Review

I love candles, the romantic glow and the added bonus that everyone looks great by candlelight! Seriously, if I could live by candlelight I would! Think of the money I’d save on cosmetics, creams, serums! Okay, maybe I won’t go that far. But, I do look better by candlelight.

All of that to tell you about my new Gideon 7″ Flameless LED Candle. I know, I know you’ve seen flameless candles before but you haven’t seen one like this before. It’s SO COOL!!!! I can’t stop staring at this candle!!

From the second I opened the box I was impressed. It SMELLS like a vanilla scented candle. That was a surprise to me, I didn’t expect it to smell like an expensive candle from the local mall. That was an awesome bonus for me.

When I reached in to pull the candle out of the box I was amazed that this candle is made of REAL WAX!! What?! Seriously! Real WAX!! I couldn’t wait to get the two AA batteries inside and light this puppy up.

Then I was REALLY impressed!! Using a REMOTE control I pushed the on button and when I stood back I really wanted to jump up and down and clap. THIS candle is SO COOL!!!! This LED candle flickers exactly like a REAL candle!!

Not only is this very realistic LED candle soothing and relaxing to look at with its real looking flickers but it’s safe too! Absolutely no fire risk!! NONE! I get my soft candle light and absolutely no hassle or danger that real candles can possess. Did you know that more than one-third of home fires start with candles!

Absolutely no mess; no dripping wax, no smoke, no matches.

The Package contains one (1) candle with one (1) remote. The candle runs on two AA batteries which are not included. The remote does arrive with a battery installed.


Not a single one! NOT A SINGLE ONE!! I’m thoroughly and completely impressed with this candle!! This real high quality, made with real candle wax and vanilla scented candle. Okay, I have to go turn my LED Candle on again; jealous aren’t you!? YOU should be! It’s so COOL!!


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  • Christina Brewton

    Great Tips..!
    Lovely candle! Works Flawlessly in my typhoon. It has a remote with a timer. Vanilla fragrance is a bit sturdy, but I think it’ll fade in time. Very thrilled with my buy and I’m thinking about buying tapers considering this worked out so well. I am full of inspirations now.

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