Girls Enchanted Princess Costume From Costume Discounters

Unless you are new here you know I love Halloween. As much as I love Halloween 4-year-old Alice loves dress up. What brings those two thing together better than Costume Discounters!! OH MY GOSH wait until you see today’s review. OH MY GOSH!! I am beyond giddy! Seriously, I can’t type fast enough!! This is the CUTEST costume E-V-E-R!!

This costume is called the Enchanted Princess Costume and I promise you even Snow White couldn’t have asked for a prettier dress!! The details and embellishments are enough to make your jaw drop! For Costume Discounters to call this dress a costume just does NOT do this dress justice.

The collar of the dress is a thick gold tapestry with a gold rick-rack. The collar will stand up on its own or you can lay it down.  There are silky red puff sleeves with accents of gold silk bands with blue sequins. The dress, oh my goodness, the dress is amazing. So many layers. The back, the sides and the bodice feel exactly like velvet. A very soft deep blue velvet. It is actually a velveteen. Accented with red ribbons and gold ribbon rosettes. There are two slips under the dress to give the dress fullness. The outfit also has a bright yellow skirt with lace trimming and white ruffles. The red bow with large clear stone headband finishes off the costume in perfect style.

I want to note there is nothing itchy or scratchy touching your little ones skin.

I know you are probably tired of hearing this but OH MY GOSH this costume is amazing. A far cry from the Casper The Friendly Ghost costume I had as a kid. A plastic mask that you couldn’t breath through and a white square piece of material that had an imprint of Casper on it.

Enchanted Princess Child Costume will last for years to come. We will be passing this down to another Princess when Alice out grows this.

The day this costume arrived just happened to be a planned Disneyland trip day. AND (yes, I am jumping up and down uncontrollably right now!) Guess who was in the Princess Castle?!?!?!?!

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NOT a single one!! Okay, maybe just that NaNa can’t wear this dress, because I SO WOULD!!!I absolutely would!!  It’s SO PRETTY!!! Absolute perfection!!



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