Giveaway! $50 Your Way! March 2022

March Giveaway

Happy March Little Peanuts!!

Just a reminder, this giveaway is hosted by only me. ALL the entries are about PBnWhine.

Twitter entry STILL doesn’t work. I can’t get a response from GiveawayTools. I am so sorry. Would y’all miss it if I removed it? You can still copy-paste and send. For March I will leave it. We will see what happens in April.

Here is my February update.

Snow Day Vacation was amazing, although we did learn that Alice is NOT a fan of surprises. Someone, not naming names (Alice) had a total meltdown at the airport. Not a fan of mystery airplane rides. WHO knew??

Wearing her Snow Day Shirt (we all three had matching, unfortunately, no one thought to get a group picture!) Alice in her NERD glass to trick Non. She cracks me UP!

The weather was amazing for their trip. They left and ole Mother Nature had a total meltdown. Below zero temps. Wind. UGH!! Today we have rain and freezing temps. NOT good on top of the snow.

Vacation fun included snow art, snow ducks, snowball fights, laying in the snow watching clouds and of course sledding with inflatable snow tubes. My driveway is steep. By the time the girls arrived my driveway was solid ice. First trip down Alice started at the very top and I realized she was going so fast, tooooo fast. (At the same time that Alice realized the same thing) Alice rolled off the innertube, I jumped in front and boy did we collide. Only skinned up knuckles for me and a scrapped-up knee for Alice. Selena said I did a full in air summersault. Soooo ya me! After that we only went halfway up the drive. It was a BLAST!

We decorated snow with food coloring. Selena and I made flowers. The kid? A full-on crime scene. Nuts do NOT fall far from the tree.

A trip to City Beach and all our favorite restaurants in Sandpoint closed out the weekend.

Time went too fast. They got in the air at the perfect time. Driving home on the other hand was an e-ticket ride. It was snowing so hard at one point I had to pull off the road.

Now to work on getting Son Zachary out for a weekend visit. He does NOT get the Christmas experience. I finally, FINALLY got all the Christmas decorations put away today February 28th. Again…. that whole decorating the day after Halloween has kicked me in the Azz.

One other side note: the Amazon Coupons I was posting daily; I’ve decided to stop them. Each day takes me about 2 hours. In the last 6 weeks I made $5.52. I think we can all agree I could spend those two hours playing in my art studio OR clean my house? So, now for the REAL reason you are here!!


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you every day. I am blown away by your support!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This month’s giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements are always appreciated!!

GOOD LUCK Little Peanuts!!


430 thoughts on “Giveaway! $50 Your Way! March 2022

  1. Today was gloomy around here – not very light out and it felt like february again… weird. I ended up turning on all the lights to help out. I wasn’t expecting it since the time change but there you go.

    Mishelle G

  2. Good swim with friends. Then treated myself to a French dip sandwich at Arbys. What do you mean $6.01 for this? Not worth it, but I do enjoy it. Probably not going back any time soon.

    Hey Connie?
    This place still be here tomorrow? I sure hope so.

  3. Today is my 1st real boyfriend’s 63rd birthday (we’re friends on FB). SIXTY THREE??? How the hell … where the hell … ???

  4. I am having some adult beverages as the IDIOT that cut my hair today really jacked it up. I went to a new place and I said I wanted my hair cut at my shoulders and now it is at the base of my neck. I FREAKED out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say they did not charge me and I will never be back there again EVER. I just keep telling myself that it will grow back so at Christmas it should be where I wanted it today!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My day is going pretty smoothly thank you. I had a job interview at Chick fil a. I believe it went well and I hope I get the job.

  6. the day is going well. there are lots of things on the ‘to-do’ list today and some are getting crossed off. thanks

  7. I’m just sitting here listening to Classic Rock on Music Choice–‘Long May You Run’ by the Stills-Young Band is on right now. I think I got about 3 hours sleep last night. Just one of those nights. And woke up very early, couldn’t go back to sleep, so I said ‘well $#@^& this!’ and got up. Now I’m tired. By night I’ll be wide awake, lol.

  8. My day has been going fine so far. The wind howled all last night. We are supposed to have thunderstorms today.

  9. My day is just starting but looks like a good day to stay inside. They are predicting thunderstorms later. I may attempt to start purging the kitchen of unnecessary items. I’m running out of cupboard space!

  10. Wind is blowing like crazy tonight. March weather has lived up to it’s reputation here this month.

  11. Not too bad of a day. Was able to get a 2 hour nap before lunch! Fixed something to eat then ran errands after the rain stopped.

  12. I am taking it easy today seems like I have been running around a lot already this week and need a break. Just doing stuff around the house today and online.

  13. I’ve lined up viewings for a couple of houses for tomorrow & Friday (April Fool’s Day). Spent the morning on the phone trying to find out why the phone company sent me a bill for Mum & Dad’s house when I sent in all the requested info, death cert. etc. over a month ago. ‘Ten working days’ they said back in Feb.

  14. I do not like feeling this way at all…Spent the late morning yesterday on the sofa watching Perry Mason from the 50 and 60’s.. watched them with my father and oh those memories….miss him so much.. he was the best father I could ever have hoped for.. today I have to get up get out and at least sit in the sun…

    1. Give yourself a rest! I’m sure you deserve it!! I remember watching The Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night with my Dad, lol. It was right after ‘Wild Kingdom’, the nature show. He liked that, too.

  15. I just never seem to get everything done in a day anymore. I have no concept of time management, lol.

  16. Good swim with friend today. Got home before the rain came. Rain turning to snow overnight. Isn’t it Spring yet?

  17. You know when you don’t feel bad but you don’t feel good. Cold, coughing and tired…… maybe catching a cold. Sat part is wednesday should be 75………………… but I will just go with the flow

  18. My day has been good. Nothing exciting. Just catching up on email & some chores here at home. But nothing bad happened…so that’s a good day!

  19. I had a very busy day! Took DIL to a job interview…. She got the job! Then had to take my mom to Dr appointment. Still have to clean up supper dishes & then bedtime!

  20. My day is okay. It is raining here which is uncommon so that is nice even though it is a cold rain. My husband woke up not feeling well.

  21. I completely forgot about posting yesterday. Spent the day driving around checking out a couple of properties but the one I’m most interested in, I couldn’t find at all! This is where the reliance on tech. falls apart! If you don’t have access to it then you’re, quite literally, lost.

    1. Hang in there! The most important thing is finding the right place not how quickly it happens!! Unless you’re like me and have little or no patience, lol.

    1. Hope it passes soon! The first and third shots didn’t bother me at all, but the 2nd one was a punch.

  22. I had some shopping I wanted to do but it got to a high of 32 so I decided to wait till wed …………… Due to have high of 7 then

    Just a lazy day

  23. Denver Weather: From Near 80 Degrees To Snow In 24 Hours. Such is the Colorado weather roller coaster.

  24. My day has been puzzling. Woke up with one of my leg wraps soaked in blood. I have no idea why.

  25. It’s still cold and kind of blah here. This has been a stressful week. Hopefully, next week is better.

  26. It’s been really nice!! No kids this weekend so we’ve been really lazy and taking naps lol.

  27. Went to the Sage Singers concert. It was so very good. Glad to see all of my friends. Sunshine and 70 degrees.

  28. I’m having a good day. I ran some errands, did laundry and I’m now watching a movie on Netflix.

  29. It’s going far to quickly today. There’s so much to do and not enough time. Roll them over until tomorrow, I guess.

  30. Quiet and relaxing ………… Laundry done put away ……………… Temp is high of 32 today been snowing off and on for last 2 day.,…. It stops melts and starting snowing again.

  31. Had a very noisy couple move in to the room above last night. Still ‘puffing & panting’, amongst other things going on (the occasional scream & OMGs) etc. at 5am. God bless their energy but I didn’t get much sleep. Anyhow, drove to the nearest big town today to buy a couple of Tshirts for this heatwave so it’ll probably rain tomorrow! Just realised it’s Mother’s Day over here. First one I’ve forgotten.

    1. I wish my neighbors were noisy like that, at least I’d be entertained! Mine just play music all night/

  32. I am having a nice quiet Sunday here just doing stuff on the computer for a while and watching some shows. It was a busy week for me so I am relaxing today and eating lol.

  33. Today has been going pretty well. Just grateful for every moment and my family. Thanks so much for asking!

  34. much more snow than forecast so that slowed things down considerably. everyone’s safe so that’s all that counts at the moment. thanks

  35. I can’t believe Winter seems to have popped back in. Geeze.– I’m really over being cold. I need some heat right now! Bring out the sun. And the Spring trees, like Dogwoods, had begun to bloom, so I bet they will get bit and all the petals will be on the ground by tomorrow.

  36. Well, so much for all my plans! Damn car wouldn’t start. Called Roadside Service. 3 hours later was still waiting but the landlady happened to pop in & I had the jump leads so way hay! Headed for the main road & bombed up & down for 2 hours.

  37. Winter is not ready to let go of us……………. looking out my windows and roofs are covered with snow. We have an alert out during the night snow scheduled. BUT my thursday our temp will be back in the high 70’s

  38. A nice relaxing Saturday. I am spending it by taking my time prepping supper and waiting for my son to get out of work. I can’t wait until he gets a reliable vehicle!

  39. My day is going pretty good they say it will be 75 degrees here today so I am going to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I love this time of year the best not too hot and not too cold.

  40. So windy here! And cold, again. Of course, the dogwoods, wisterias, pear trees had just bloomed out, so most likely all the blooms will get bit and fall off. So much for Spring…

  41. Good day trip to the orthopedic dr and received some cortisone shots. Received one in my knee and one in my right wrist. Few day and they will be filling a lot better

  42. I’m viewing 2 houses tomorrow & have spent the afternoon sorting out directions etc. Then took all the houseplants out of the car for water & a feed (Yes, Tamra, in my pjs).

  43. My day is going pretty good so far. I spent the morning doing some yard work and picking up tree branches and twigs from the last storm we had here.

  44. Im spending a nice relaxing day doing nothing or as little as possible! Yesterday was too long and tiring!

  45. I need some sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on but there is a huge need of sleep in my world.

    Mishelle G

  46. It has been really windy today. It keeps blowing my porch mat all over the place. I’ve repositioned that thing three or four times.

  47. Good swim with friends. Then a stop to pick up groceries using their curb service. 66 degrees with lots of sun.

  48. good day little sun little rain and a long nap…………………. one of the nice things about being retired naps

  49. It was just one of those days. I was wide awake at 4a.m. Had to take my son to work. Tried to nap after & couldn’t. Splurged & bought pizza & wings for lunch/supper. Now waiting to find out if said son has ride home at 8-9 p.m. Mommas tired!

  50. This has been such a crazy day – hopefully things will settle down before we go to bed. One never knows… Thank you.

  51. I’m beginning to clamber out of this little downturn in mood, thank goodness. Got out for fresh air which always helps.

    1. I get down when things are ‘unsettled.’ Maybe you’re just having a reaction to the changes in your life? Seems normal to me. You’ll get it all settled soon.

      1. Exactly. Been having such weird dreams as well. People & places I haven’t thought about for years. Guess my head is just trying to make sense of it all.

  52. I had the best day today. I went to the local farmers market today and saw some old friends and we talked for hours. I was 75 degrees and the sunshine was lovely.

  53. today is going well. it started out very sunny but cold, now the clouds are coming to bring more snow. time to stay inside. thanks

  54. Early class today then I must do some yard work – debris after the wind and rain and re-potting….trying to stay happy today – just one of those blah blue days….

  55. It rained a lot today, but it was warm. Hopefully, the cold is gone. God, I hate being on a diet.

  56. I had a pretty good day. Had to do some extra errands that I couldn’t do yesterday thanks to brakes. Luckily it was a couple small lines & son fixed them quick!

  57. My day is going pretty quiet today. I am just doing stuff around the house and getting ready to start working on a major spring cleaning project outside. Not sure if I am up to doing the outside project today I keep putting it off.

  58. Still feeling a bit deflated but if I don’t try … viewing another house on Sat. Heading out soon to get something to eat & do some some laundry.

  59. My day is going pretty good so far. I am getting out and enjoying the sunshine today . It will be 75 degrees here and sunny. I wish is was raining though as we are in a major drought in my area.

  60. today is an at home day and for that I am grateful.. went out yesterday to do business and it was a long time consuming morning.. tomorrow the same a half eight appt.. today must clorox the top of the cistern before it gets too bad with mango leaves then the aviary again….no classes today!

  61. This has been a day where you just start to feel like too many small issues are starting to turn into a big one, lol. Honestly, I just want to ignore the world for a few days. But I have to go out there and adult. Ugh. I miss the days when all you had to do was go outside and play.

  62. My day was going just fine until a brake line blew. Unfortunately our son/mechanic has a family issue to take care of today and can’t do anything until tomorrow. I’m also hoping its a part available in the parts store.

  63. My day is going pretty good. I did some grocery shopping and the stores were so nice and quiet I loved it. Now I am in for the day and just relaxing a bit.

  64. I got hooked on another Hulu show and stayed up way too late. So, today I am more tired than usual.

  65. Well I slept until after noon–but I didn’t get to sleep until about 6 a.m., so I still feel tired. Too much stress this weekend to make for good sleep. I think it’s behind me, anyway. Just routine stuff like cable and internet switches, but they make it so irritating.

  66. I had a nice day (and past few days). It was beautiful out…60 degrees and sunny. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I was able to get some cleaning done. And hubby returned home after being away for business & then with friends since Monday. Finally, I finished reading a book that I’ve been reading for a while now. All in all, a nice relaxing Sunday

  67. I stayed up late watching a show on HULU. So I am pretty tired today. I need to finish my cleaning.

  68. My day is going pretty good getting a lot of cleaning done today. Just doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen. Almost time for a break.

  69. Ireland’s still on holiday apparently! Got some laundry done (one of those outdoor tourist ones), changed the sheets, finished another book & checked out the latest photos of Idris. Listened to the theme tune from Schindler’s List this a.m. & have been v. weepy ever since. What am I like?!!

  70. Relaxing today.. have to run out early tomorrow to do some business than to make the going out worthwhile stopping at a few shoppes…..the thought of these makes me go ughhh but anyway today is sunny and bright with a gorgwous blue sky and I plan on enjoying the day to the fullest and being grateful!

  71. Busy day for me. Up very early for Colorado Jefferson County assembly. Then actually went in person to see the Denver Women’s Chorus concert. Excellent show. Sunshine and 57 degrees today. 60 tomorrow, then snow…….

  72. I’ve had two sick kids the last few days so it has not been pretty here. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  73. We had an early thunder and lightning storm here in New York. Was kind of odd but nice. We probably won’t get another one all year.

  74. Decided I needed a nap had not been asleep for 10 minutes………………………… BANG BANG on my door! When I got to the door no one was there and I didn’t have any packages. And I could not go back to sleep 🙂

  75. I was hoping to sleep in. But I did get some cleaning done and went to lunch with my daughter.

  76. Tamra, you’d be so jealous! It’s been an absolute scorcher here in Roscommon! Of course, I haven’t packed any light clothes so ended up going for a walk in a pj top & old leggings. Aw hell, who cares!

  77. My day is going pretty good so far. It is raining here today so that is wonderful but I didn’t sleep all that well last night so I am a little out of it today.

  78. Ordered my glasses online and they are perfect at a wonderful savings and got the frames I wanted – not having to settle for what the eye shop here had – the garden/land awaits with weeds and bushes to be trimmed…

      1. As for me it went very well.. with the try on feature you know exactly what you will look like – no surprises and the quality of the frames very good according to the price range you choose…Zenni optical…..

  79. Finally got fed up with YouTube TV, switching back to cable, at least for a year…then the deal I got ends and I’ll rebel at the idea of paying more and switch again, lol.

  80. Had a good massage. Was going to go swimming afterwards, but just came home and had a nap instead. Have to get up very early tomorrow to be a delegate at my county convention.

  81. Nice day our weather is great. Decided to go outside and sit on one builders gliders. The air smelled so good and there was just a little breeze Sat out there for over a hour.

  82. My day is going pretty good I got so much done this morning. I love it when I get a burst of energy and get a ton of cleaning done in a short amount of time now I am tired.

  83. Got up early to start corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot. Smelled good in here all day. My husband loved it & didn’t last long. Decided not to do potatoes because it was just too hot inside today.

  84. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The Emerald Isle! Might treat myself with a Chinese takeaway tonight!

  85. Well, not much to say about today. I need to make some dinner and I need to pee, lol. But I’m lazy, so here I still sit.

  86. Went with my friend to get haircuts. Cloudy with rain and then snow tonight after 70 degrees yesterday.

  87. It had been a decent morning then I found out my longtime friend just lost his brother – out of the blue this morning. I never know what to say but I kept at it by text for a couple hours. In the end if all I did was distract him a little, I’m ok with that.

    Mishelle G

  88. For some reason I just cannot get used to the time change. I usually go to sleep around 11 pm. Last night it was after 1 am before I fell asleep. Woke up a 7 and took a nap around noon. Cannot wait for the time change ot stop!! 2024…………..

  89. The sale of the house I’ve got an offer on has been extended till next Tuesday. ARGH! More sleepless nights.

    1. Are they hoping to get multiple offers? I’ve always heard ‘don’t get into a bidding war’ when house hunting…people tend to get caught up in trying to get the house no matter what. Hopefully, you get it!

      1. No, apparently it turns out that the ‘percolation’ from the septic tank is onto neighbouring land via ‘accepted’ access, ie, it’s been accepted in the past but there’s nothing legal in place. How one is supposed to get legal advice on the issue when Ireland is on holiday for the next couple of days is a mystery, but there ya go!

  90. My day is going pretty mellow today just doing stuff around the house today. Getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow we like to have a nice dinner and eat corned beef and cabbage.

  91. Normally I would have the grandbaby today, but I have a break. I am doing some giveaways and then heading to dialysis.

  92. Spent yesterday cleaning the downstairs and the garage – just touch-ups but it still took half the day! What fun.. Today is baking bread, muffins and a cake for St Patrick’s Day!

  93. Watching a traditional Ukrainian Band play old a-ha song ‘Take On Me’ using traditional instruments while sheltering from Russian bombs in Kharkiv. Because why just sit there in fear, they say. God bless ’em!

  94. nice day starting to get used to the time change……………. looking out the window and it is almost 7:30 and it is still daylight!!

  95. My day is going pretty good, for some strange reason I thought yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day? I think the time change has got my mind all jacked up this week.

  96. WiFi died, RIP. Anyway, glad to be back. I’ve made an offer on a house & will know tomorrow if it’s been accepted. Phew, imagine me doing all this!

  97. My day is going fine so far. It takes me a few days to get adjusted to the time change. It is cool now but is supposed to warm up today.

  98. My day is going well. I had a slice of pumpkin pie for pi day. Hubby worked outside but he came in to make dinner,

  99. OK day having a little problem with time change but give me few more days and I will be make in sinc

  100. My day has gone fine so far. I don’t like the loss of an hour as we “Spring forward” with the time change. I had leftovers for dinner.

  101. My day is going pretty good today just having a quiet day. I have to really plan my trips anywhere now as gas is $4.70 here a gallon for regular. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you.

  102. I swear, I appreciate all the things technology can do– but some days, I miss those days when things were ‘simpler.’ If you had an issue with your TV, well you called the cable company and someone came out and fixed it. But for over a month I’ve been emailing and ‘chatting’ with reps from my streaming service for regular TV because the audio & video keep getting out of sync. I’ve tried every fix and they keep asking me to send feedback while their tech guys try to figure it out–because it’s the only app having this issue, so I know it’s some ‘update’ they’ve done that has screwed up. I’m ready to make the little computer guys cry!!

  103. I’ve felt so draggy today, lol. Like I just should have stayed in bed. Blah. I’m sure tomorrow will look better. It’s supposed to warm up again this week, get up into the 70’s by Thursday–and I’m sure part of my blahs is the way my ankle hurts when the weather keeps going back and forth from warm to frigid and snowing…


    There is nothing on the right side of your page. All of your monthly blog post listing is gone ??????

  105. I slept in a little bit. I’m about to start some cleaning and then heading to my granddaughters birthday celebration.

  106. My day is going pretty good just trying to get all the clocks changed ahead one hour just did the one in the car. That always bugs me when I get in the car and the clock is not right.

  107. My sis is recovering. Thankfully the lump was outside the colon so they only had to do a laparoscopy to remove the appendix & the mass. Now waiting for biopsy results.

  108. Spent the morning shoveling and cleaning off car. Hoping the sun melts the rest off deck & car. Also hoping this was the last major snow storm of the season!

  109. Did 2 loads of laundry and set out on the lines.. chicken parm to be made and a spinach quiche.. maybe some arancini also….. the afternoon will be spent relaxing and making studying!!!

  110. Dealing with a doozy of a winter storm. Today I kind of shoveled between squalls to keep up. Tomorrow should be fun cleaning car off and everything!

  111. I’ve slept for most of the day! My sis had her op but I don’t know whether they just removed her appendix or had to take some of the colon as well.

  112. I was up late last night and tried to sleep in but that didn’t happen. My grandson stayed the night so after breakfast we watched a movie together. Now we are going to lunch with my daughter.

  113. Beautiful hot sunny morning – getting out right after breakfast to enjoy the sunshine.. work to be done but smelling the flowers and the rain washed air is more important right now!

  114. Well, Winter has returned. Oh, joy. It’s like that relative that comes and stays and stays and just won’t go home, lol. Where is Spring???

  115. Today has not been that great. I woke up with a headache. It didn’t get better as the day progressed. We had about an inch of snow.

  116. Great niece(5) spend the day with great grandma (92) and me (72) I am whipped and ready for bed and 7pm. She is good as gold but goes a mile a minute. She is so much fun and really loves on her grandma.

  117. Good swim with my friend, the water was warmer than usual which I like. Then dropped off books & DVDs at the library, then grocery store for pick up (still doing it that way most of the time)

  118. I spent the day cleaning and purging the bathroom! Threw out a whole garbage bag of junk! I’m exhausted but have to go pick up & deliver fish dinners at 6.

  119. Just spoke to my sister. The money from the house sale is in her bank but for some reason not in mine yet. Anyway, she goes for her op tomorrow and is v.anxious about what they find.

    1. Some banks just move slower…my bank changed owners and names last year and now everything takes a day longer, lol. I hope your sister gets good news. Is this part of the same issue she had tested a while back?

  120. Heavy rain last night has pushed a good bit of the Sahara dust away…only one class this morning and then I am free to get outside to work in the garden! Happy Friday all….

  121. We broke a temperature record overnight. Hit -7 degrees. Today got up to 20. I stayed in where it’s warm. Had a good Zoom meeting about this summer’s botanic garden concerts.

  122. Received a text from my niece great niece wanted to spend fridays with me. I said OK but what about school. Turns out preschool only goes 4 days a week. When Brit woke Zay up to get up for school she wanted to know why she had to go today.

  123. It went pretty good. Took my mom to do her errands. Flipped out that gas has gone up another dime since Monday!

  124. Have to stay inside today…Large sandstorm in the Sahara has sent more than the normal amount of Sahara dust our way….you can see the grey haze clearly + rain is coming and that will push it even closer…Guess I have to read and turn on the music and dance!!!

    1. That must be an interesting sight! Does the dust get inside?? Do you have to close off vents? We’re waiting on Winter Storm Quinlan. I thought Winter was going away…it’s gotten up into the 60s and even the 70’s one day here in Kentucky, but Saturday it’s only going to get up to 28 and snow is coming. But Monday, it’s back to the 60s, lol.

      1. I have to keep all the windows and doors closed….when you go outside your eyes itch and you can actually feel grit against your skin…. if you have overflow water containers anywhere you can see a mud-like glop at the bottom….

  125. Dear God! It’s after 7 in the morning & I haven”t slept yet (: My sis rang yesterday. Lots to say re. solicitor & moneys due. She’s going to hospital on Sat. for op. to check out this lump/thing so trying to get things sorted before then. Lots & lots of numbers going through my head. Tax, allowances, etc. Tax payable. I’ve had to write everything down as I cannot ‘see’ numbers in my head. Saw 2 properties yest. One too small, but in a lovely spot, the other more suitable but by a major road. Hey, ho! Waiting on another agent to get back to me about another property which would suit me better (re. the rural aspect) but ach, well, we’ll see. It’s been v. icy over night so I’m going to nip out to the car to check out my plants. Talk later!

    1. Try and get some rest today – you have a lot on your plate and need to be clear – you will get everything sorted. Hope the property you view today will be more to your liking….

    2. I had a few of those nights last week. A combination of noisy neighbors and restless mind kept me up until daylight…

  126. I guess I’m going to have to get new glasses. I thought my eyes must be getting worse and that was why I can’t see as well with my glasses on…but it turned out my eyes were actually slightly better last time I saw the eye doctor. Now, I’m having even more trouble seeing with the glasses on. I wonder if my eyes have gotten even better, lol. Or maybe they really have gone in the other direction!!

    1. It’s weird but I always find the cheapo ones you can buy in pharmacies are better & fit this damn crooked bridge of mine than the ones from the opticians. I own 3 ‘proper’ specs & about 12 cheapos!

  127. My day has gone fine so far. We had an appointment today that we completed. We tried chickpea salad and it was good.

    1. Take care of yourself & do try to ‘no’ if it means your health is in question. Impossible position to be in, I realise, but there’s only one of you!


  129. Shook off those blues from yesterday and am back to normal – well normal for me… Never got all the weeding done and flowers to transplant before class this afternoon….

  130. My day is a disaster. My laptop bit the dust. I am using hubby’s laptop, when he isn’t. A new laptop wasn’t in the budget.

  131. Oops, hit a wrong button. Anywhoo, should be sleeping but can’t. Meeting up with 2 estate agents (realtors) later today so we’ll see what happens. Also found a laundrette so that’s on my to do list as is feeding/watering the plants in the car. Amazingly, my blood pressure is fine! Hope you’re all doing well, fellow Peanuts!

  132. I spent the afternoon making red sauce for stuffed manicotti. Came out really good! So glad I’m going back to my roots of scratch or semi scratch made.

  133. Good swim with friends, then the library, then Smashburger – BUT — They stopped selling Salted Caramel shakes! Boo hiss. We postponed our Thursday swim to Friday since it will be snowing the next 2 days.

  134. I am so tired today – I wonder why as I think I slept well but I am so tired. Early bed time tonite!

    Mishelle G

  135. another day starting with a snow squall. the sun’s trying to break through now so that will help when doing the outdoor chores. thanks

  136. I’m viewing 2 properties tomorrow. The money hasn’t come through yet but I want to get to know the area (and the local agents). Still sleeping hours each night & napping during the day as well.

  137. Feeling a bit down today – woke up with the knowledge that all my future plans will take so long to come to fruition…looking at all the mistakes I have made along the way – this will pass but right now I better get moving and help myself out of this…..

    1. I’ve definitely had those days! Hang tight until it passes. Some days my mantra is ‘this too shall pass.’

  138. My day has gone fine so far. It was very, very windy today. I just heard some evening time torrential rain starting to fall.

  139. Great niece (5) started pre school today. After a review they decided to start her now and let her go in to kindergarten next year. Big girl rode the bus and mommy followed the bus. She liked it and ready to go back tomorrow.

  140. Quiet day at home. Not snowing but gray and cold. Tomorrow will be the warmest day this week so planning to go swimming then.

  141. a sudden snow squall changed all the plans for the morning. now playing catch up but it will be done. thanks

  142. My day is going pretty good just staying home today and getting some stuff done around the house. It is a nice spring like day here today.

  143. I’ve had an upset tummy over the weekend so did very little apart from sleep & had a drive round the area today. Hope I feel more human tomorrow.

  144. Sigh. No swimming today because it’s been snowing and snowing and 21 degrees with wind chill of 9.

  145. It was a gorgeous day in the 60s here in NY. Unfortunately it was too windy to do anything besides make sure things don’t blow away tonight.

  146. My day is going pretty good just enjoying a nice quiet Sunday hope you are doing the same. I am binge watching some shows today and taking care of myself.

  147. Today it’s going really well. I’m getting things organized and so far, everything’s falling into place.

  148. My day is going fine so far. I think we will have BLT sandwiches for lunch. We have watermelon for dessert.

  149. The day has pretty much just started out for me. Other than a slight headache, I suppose it is going good. How about you? It’s been a while.

  150. Slow day. Highlight of my day was finding out the old Roberta Flack song ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ was written for her cat, which had died. Wow. Everyone thinks that is a deep love song…but not necessarily for a cat, lol.

      1. I’ve sung it many times but not to a cat. However, “You’re so vain”, yes, I have sung that, many times, to many cats over the years!

    1. Take care of yourself & do try to ‘no’ if it means your health is in question. Impossible position to be in, I realise, but there’s only one of you!

  151. Beautiful day we got to 70!!!!!! tomorrow it is going to be 50

    got to spend some time with great niece (5) she is always so much fun to be around

  152. My day is speeding by in turbo speed. I had a lot of running around to do today and driving and driving and more driving. Now I am home and chilling for the rest of the weekend. I wore myself out today and dinner and a movie is all I am doing for the rest of the day.

  153. I made some chili, and am looking forward to watching the Paralympic sled hockey game tonight…

  154. so grateful that the shoppes were so empty yesterday – no people at all – zipped right through…Today is another rainy day so plan on catching up on paperwork!

  155. Every so often the landlords reps leave a notice on the door that someone will be round to inspect for this or that–and today, just like every other time, no one showed up, lol. Honestly, I think they leave the notices just so the paper trail will make it look like they did their jobs!

  156. Quiet day at home. Got up to 64 degrees with some sun before the snow comes tonight and the next few days.

  157. It has been snowing all day here. By Sunday, the temperatures will be above freezing so we’ll have lakes on the roads again.

  158. My day wasn’t too bad. Had to put my foot down to my son & demand gas money or he would be walking next week. Gas is now over $4 a gallon & even though I get decent gas mileage its costing more in the end.

  159. today has been up and down – just get started on something and something of a higher priority pops up. it will be fine. thanks

  160. My day is going pretty good so far. Just got home from running to the store. We are supposed to get some snow and I had to get a few things in case we get snowed in for a few days.

  161. Sunny today – makes up for all the crap snow we got yesterday! YAY!! I wish it were warmer but it’s sunny, it’s friday and all the kids I take care of left early so YAY FRIDAY!!

    Mishelle G

  162. Oops, I did type a comment here but as I’m still getting used to using a laptop, I may well have deleted it! Anyway, basically what I ‘said’ was that the move has happened (up & downs included), the new owners bought the house because they love the garden & view, and now, after much sleep, I’ve finally managed to catch up with myself. Apparently my share of the sale will be in my account in 10 working days so time to start searching for anything in my very limited budget. Onwards and upwards, Peanuts xxx

  163. Good swim with friends. Then to Costco and to my other friend’s house to split the roast chicken. It’s so good but too much for just one person living alone so we split it.

  164. Doctor appointment for knee bakers cysts, now a specialist appointment 75 miles away on Tuesday, ugh.

  165. My day has gone fine so far. I had a stir fry with lots of veggies for lunch. I made 2 greeting cards this afternoon.

  166. I spent a nice relaxing day doing the bare minimum and taking a long nap! My body and mind needed a complete break!

  167. I’m on day 2 out of 4 of snow storms… 4… all in a row they say. I will be crazed when it’s done. CRAZED. Not too much shoveling yesterday, today – I’ve been out 3 times and I’m waiting for the plow now. They say more snow tomorrow and saturday as well… I don’t know if I can make it.

    Mishelle G

  168. My day is going ok having a lot of computer issues looks like it’s not just me. We are enjoying a teeny tiny bit of rain today sure hope we get more we so need it here.

  169. Took a friend of mine to a Doc. appointment and then we did some shopping together, nice to spend time together.

  170. Well, it was a fairly warm, sunny day. Almost Spring-like, lol. But the news from the outside world is gray and depressing. Sigh.

  171. More Colorado roller coaster weather. In the teens last week, in the 60s/70s this week, in the 30s next week with snow.

  172. It is a warm 73 degrees here. I took the dog for a walk, or he took me for a jog. Depends how you look at it.

  173. this day is going well – everything is a little late but that gives more time to do other things in-between. thanks

  174. Took my mom shopping today . She wanted to stock up on brisket & cabbage because she’s afraid it will be gone soon. Hope not because my shopping day isn’t until Monday.

  175. My day is going pretty good except I am pulling my hair out over my new cell phone. I had to upgrade my cell phone because of the 4G 5G conversion and now apparently my coverage area isn’t what it was with my old cell phone ticks me off!

  176. My day is going great! The sun is out and the weather is warmer today! Hope your day is going great also!

  177. i saw your flood post, i guess I’m doing better than you! I’m pretty worried about our roof though with intense rain!

  178. My day is going good so far, but it is early. Let’s see how the cars are driving this morning on my way to work 90 miles an hour or 100?

  179. Today was OK. I am off work this week since my last day at my job was Friday and I’m not starting my next until Monday. It is good to have a week off, but it makes me wish I could be present this much for my kids all the time.

  180. It’s finally March. Just saying that makes me feel warmer, I swear! It’s practically Spring!!

  181. Got brave and went into the grocery store today. So lovely outside with 68 degrees and sunshine. It was fun to pick out my own groceries.
    Connie, where is that moose from?

  182. I got up early because a nurse was coming to the house at 9:00. I wanted to tidy up and vacuum. She called at 8:30; said she was sick. She rescheduled to Thursday. I went back to bed. I really wanted to get this done. I am not in the best mood. I am a grouch in the morning. Okay, in the afternoon and evening, too.

  183. It’s a beautiful day here – sun is out and temps are warm. So excited for the 1st Meteorological Day of Spring!!!

  184. My day is going pretty good just doing stuff around the house today and catching up on some paperwork. I love March so I am happy it is here.

  185. It’s gone midnight so Happy St. David’s Day to Welsh people everywhere! I’ll take a bunch of daffy dillies to Mum’s grave later today. Had a cuppa in a local hotel with a couple of other altos from the choir last night to say goodbye. Going to bed now (hopefully to sleep if I can switch my brain off). Chat again from my new lodgings in Strokestown, Co. Roscommon in a couple of days. EEK!

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