gLovies!! You Have To See THESE!!!!! GIVEAWAY!!

I am so excited about today’s review!! A brilliant product invented by a Mom!! A brilliant Mom at that!! Check out gLovies® these are a disposable, sanitary hand covers. So many uses!! Originally invented to help parents protect their children from nasty germs in public restrooms. Josephine Geraci says the idea for gLovies was fueled by her own desperation in trying to keep her first-born, Christopher, germ-free on their first official visit to a public restroom. She and her two-year-old-potty-training son were enjoying an afternoon out with other moms and their children when nature called, and Geraci says she had no choice but to head for the nearest bathroom.

Josephine says “MMKB was founded after the first trip I took with my potty training 3 year old. I was out to lunch with my girlfriends and we were all going through the wonderful process of potty training our children. Of course my son was the first one to say, “potty time please!” …but little did I know how that one trip would change my life. We entered the bathroom and before we even got to the bathroom stall, he already had both hands touching the floor. He proceeded to touch everything and I continued to say, “Don’t Touch That!” What mom has ever gone into a public restroom and NOT used those words? The next time I had to make a potty run with my son, I heard the other moms and a grandmother say, “Don’t Touch That!” I knew I was on to something—it was not just me. I went home, took out my sewing machine and sewed a proto-type of gLovies…and that’s how the story began”.

I now keep a box of gLovies in the car and a pair in my purse. Absolutely brilliant and smart!! I don’t have to worry about 3 Year Old Alice in public bathrooms. Just like Josephine’s son; Alice touches EVERYTHING!! From the floor to the toilet. gLovies protects those perfect little hands and I LOVE THAT!!! Especially with all of the viruses and diseases that are popping up all over the place right now. Like the measles outbreak at Disneyland last month!

Now, for the second way we use our gLovies. CRAFT TIME!!!  Since I watch Alice everyday I try to find things for us to do. Several times the mess has been so bad I swear we will never do that particular project again. EVER!! UNTIL gLovies came into our lives.

One of Alice’s very favorite craft projects is shaving cream with food coloring.  Dollar store shaving cream, add drops of food coloring then using a straw or stick to move the food coloring around to get the design you want. Then press a heavy craft paper and lift the paper up. Let dry over night and it’s the COOLEST looking art project!

Get ready for CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! Be sure to check out the picture of Alice KISSING her gLovies! Yup, kissing them!!

gLovies are easy to get on and off. Three Year Old Alice puts them by herself!!

More idea’s to use gLovies, have pets? Alice is learning to do a few chores around the house, she helps clean out the kitty box.  Cleaning the hamster cage. Cleaning in general. These are AWESOME GLOVES!!!!

gLovies are light weight and comfortable. Alice REQUESTS her gLovies for everything!!  gLovies are latex free, powder free, FDA approved. gLovies come in boxes of 50 or 100.

gLovies are the PERFECT size for kids that are 2 to 9 years old.

I found gLovies at my local BuyBuy Baby Store, but you can also purchase on like at My Mom Knows Best.

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Not a single one!! Alice can put them on herself and she even remembers to use them!! Great for public restrooms, great for household chores, cleaning up after pets and of course craft time too!! An absolute necessity for our up and coming Yosemite camping trip!!


One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win 2 boxes of gLovies!! Good LUCK!! You’re gonna love gLovies!!



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