Goosie Cards review and !!GIVE*AWAY!!

I have been OBSESSED with the Goosie Cards since I first came across them!!  So when I was approved to review them I was jumping up and down excited!!
Wait………. whaaaa is this??  You don’t know what Goosie Cards are?!?!  They are only the coolest flash cards EVER!!  These are flashcards you design!  You put the picture YOU want!  You write the words YOU want!!  Now before you say ‘I’m not creative enough’ let me tell you Goosie Cards has plenty idea’s and inspiration for you to help you get started.

The cards are laminated and made of thick card stock.  Each flashcard has a photo and up to 5 lines of text on one side and then you can choose between the pink or blue design for the backside.
Each card can have a boarder. You can add a title to your set of cards. You can have a hole punched in the corner.  (I did this just so I can add them to a ring and keep them altogether.
The cards are 4.25″ x 7.50″ size.  These are BIG flash cards!  These are STURDY cards!!!!!  These cards will last for YEARS!!!!!!

Now, all that is perfect…… the trouble comes in when you start hunting for pictures!!  OH my GOODNESS I had a hard time deciding which pictures to use!!  I wanted to just keep making Goosie Cards!!

Once the hard part was done the rest was E-A-S-Y!!

Once you’ve put your picture in the card, you have plenty of edit options. Zoom in or out, crop, lighten or darken. Sharpen, black & white and rotate.  You make the card perfect for YOU!!.  I loved being able to crop out things and zoom in on certain people on the card.  I made cards and titled them Alice’s Family. But the teaching possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

Alice LOVES THEM!!!!!!  Watching her face light up when she recognized her dogs Bosco and Jack was priceless!!  She looks at the faces wide eyed like “HEY!! I know them!!”

I love love love Goosie Cards!  I can’t recommend them enough!! Alice and I give Goosie Cards 4 WILDLY enthusiastic thumbs UP!! also provides parents with great flashcard ideas and free photos as well as teaching tips and helpful guides:
  • Tips: How to teach with Goosie Cards
  • Speech Development Chart:  Helps parents observe their child’s speech and language “milestones”
  • Visual aid therapy:  The benefits for autism, speech therapy, behavioral problems, sequence events, memory jogger
  • Ableplay™ ratings:  Helps parents determine the appropriateness for children with communicative, cognitive, physical and sensory special needs

Jennifer Marchetti the founder of Goosie Cards is AWESOME!! She is offering one very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine reader a set of their own Goosie Cards!!   I can’t wait to see what you come up with!   
Lots of ways to enter on the rafflecopter form.  Good LUCK!!  YOU will LOVE these cards!! 

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