Gothic pants, dresses and other Gothic fashion items

Occasionally, when you are walking down the street, you might notice people all dressed in black, including black make-up and hair. Nowadays, this is known as goth style. But, this way of dressing has a long history. It is not a new fashion. In fact, it was first introduced centuries ago and it resurfaced only recently.

Gothic is Grim Skulla period of human history that roughly began around 15th century. It included art, literature, architecture and fashion. Up to this day, you can see various cathedrals all over Europe that were made in this style. When it comes to fashion, Gothic was extremely different from any other period. Furthermore, this is the only period in human history that basically used only monochromatic colors. Gothic pants, dresses, hats, gloves, corsets and even umbrellas, played an important part during this time. According to many historians, reason why people started using such colors was in response to previous fashion epoch. Until then, people like to dress up extravagantly, with lots of colors and designs. Gothic style was inspired by Victorian cult of morning. It was a complete opposite from formal fashion that was present up to that point. Because of this, many people were skeptical. But, in time, it caught up and everybody was dressing like that regardless of their social background or financial possibilities.

Two main colors that were used were black and white. Individuals made a contrast by using them. Facial skin was paled with colors and black make-up was used such as lipstick and eyeliners. Even though people at that time had only limited resources, they made their best with existing make-up. Males wore shirts outside, that is, they weren’t tucked in. Also, capes were used as additional clothing. Female outfit was very similar to that of men. Instead of capes, they preferred coats. Long Gothic dresses and Gothic pants were worn. Materials such as silk and leather were used. Most of clothing items had lace on them.

Have in mind that fashion is a universal thing. As previously mentioned, Gothic style was used by both rich and poor. Unlike aristocrats, commoners didn’t have as much money for shoes. They often walked bare footed which represented the main difference between these two social classes. Those that had money could afford to buy well-designed, expensive shoes. Men wore pointy ones while female wore shoes with high heels. Gothic fashion took roots in Great Britain and spread from there to rest of the Europe. In this climate area, there is a lot of rain which forced ladies to wear umbrellas. In time, it became a crucial part of this fashion form. Also, Gothic introduced corsets. They were used to emphasize certain parts of a female body. Corsets remained present for a long time, even when Gothic style was no longer popular. Fashion designers are trying to reintroduce them as of late.

After a while, people got fed up with it and started introducing new colors and patterns. It eventually died out but up to this day, it still represents quite an extravagant and unique part of fashion history.


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