GRANDOOL!! Are YOU the next BIG STAR?!?!?!

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Grandool: One Million Views to Find the Next Big Superstar.
Are you an aspiring superstar? Do you have dreams of becoming a viral sensation? If you have what it takes, make your dreams come true on January 15th with Grandool music video contest.
Sunnyvale, California, December 10, 2013.  Grandool, an online video contest, invites great artists to share their dreams and musical content for a chance for 1 million YouTube views.
The Grandool contest is simple and fun.  Musicians enter and people, press, labels and media are invited to discover new music.  All entries must be submitted by the eve of the contest start, January 15. Once contest starts, Grandool delivers one million YouTube views through targeted publisher networks. Videos are watched and shared to gain views.  The contest ends when 1 million views have been delivered. Top 100 videos will be ranked based on YouTube views earned during contest period. is the brainchild of a San Francisco (CA) based team to help musicians become viral stars, this online video contest aims to find amazing artists that haven’t yet been discovered. 
” The idea is simple: find the top music videos in the world. We bring music lovers and artists together to discover top talent that is otherwise hidden within the confines of millions of Youtube videos. Grandool is already getting great traction and has over 100 entered musicians!”
Unlike television reality shows that have limited onsite auditions, any artist from anywhere in the world can enter their video(s) in Grandool contest. There is also a clear and transparent metric system to compare artists – youtube views earned during contest period. In addition to the Grandool distribution network, each artist has a chance to share their story and promote themselves for additional views. Grandool suggests that contest views will reach in excess of 1 million due to sharing and network affects. If you have a great music video and want to be the next grand star, show the world your talents and enter the Grandool epic 1 million view music video contest!
Enter at by January 15th to be part of the fun. Like to get contest results, more information and updates.

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