Gripmax Close Combat Grips, Exclusively for Xbox One Controllers

My darling husband is a video gamer. He has been since he was a kid. Now at 61 he still plays daily. He loves his game systems especially the Xbox so he was very intrigued and excited to try these Gripmax Close Combat Grips, Made Exclusively for Xbox One Controllers; grip upgrades. These little guys fit very snugly over the existing thumbstick grips and can give new life to the worn out (yes, worn out!) controller thumbsticks.

These grips fit perfectly and stay in place during play and if you use these right away they will protect your actual thumbsticks from getting worn out too quickly. These are a MUCH more cost-effective over brand new controller. These grips add just a slight bit of height to the thumbstick, but not enough to really change your playing style except that DH has a little more leverage on the stick. It’s something you can feel when you play, just that added grip.

The Close Combat Grips are made for games that require quick snap aiming and fast reaction times. The grips are concave with 4 precision texture points or for us non-gamers 4 raised dots. You’ll notice a difference in your game while you play games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Madden NFL 15, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. AND DH’s favorite (well, this week’s favorite anyway) Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V.

The grips are made of 100% silicone for a very solid grip. The grips take some doing to get them on because the opening is so small; but that also means that once they are on they are not going to slide around and they offer a very snug fit.
Using these grips make using the control much more of a pleasure since these add some cushion to the original thumbpad. The slight increase in size along with the fact they hold better when your thumb gets sweaty makes these a GREAT gaming tool.

The Close Combat grips are great for games where quick snap aiming and fast reaction time is needed.

• Save money, use this product instead of buying new controllers.
• Improved grip and control while gaming.
• Maximum grip surface.
• Will not come off during intense gameplay.
• 100% Silicone for the closest possible feel to the original thumbsticks on a new controller.
• Increases your comfort while playing for extended campaigns!
• Small profile for little change in original thumb grip feel.

More to love is the we guarantee! HP GamerLife offers a guarantee for life! When you apply the grips properly, they will not come off until you remove them AND they will not wear out!!

With 4 types of Xbox One Controller thumbstick grip upgrade the gamer in your life will find the grip just right for them. Chose from:
• Gripmax Close Combat
• Gripmax Sniper Combat
• NoSweat Close Combat
• NoSweat Sniper Combat


Not a single one, DH says he wishes he had learned of these grips a long time ago. Excellent product two THUMBS UP!!! (and when he’s playing video games he’s being quiet!! It’s a win win!!)


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