Growing up fast – gift buying for teens

Where does the time go? From building blocks and cuddly toys that get passed on to cousins or neighbors to outgrowing their first bike and even making the transition from the kids’ clothing section to ‘small’ or even ‘medium’ adult sizes, children grow up fast and without warning. While helping our children to make the journey from one day to the next as a happy and healthy young person is all part of the plan, the added headache of birthday gifts for teenagers is something for which we are seldom prepared. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. 

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Check out these teen gifts for inspiration. You see, even the most difficult to please teenager will always have a soft spot for cool gadgets and fun things to show off to their friends. It’s only a matter of judging things just right to find what’s going to work. Which is easier said than could ever be done, but we must try. And now, let’s look at stirring up some ideas of our own on gift buying for teens.

Things for their bedroom

Teenagers are busy developing their personality. From being into one DJ or producer or band or singer one day, to being into an obscure sport or changing their dietary preferences the next, they’re trying on new habits to see what fits all the time. Their bedroom is their escape from this journey of self-discovery into the unknown, and that’s why helping them to put together a room that shows some character is something they’ll thank you for. 

Think mirrors and animal pattern rugs. Think lava lamps and storage units and an additional computer monitor for their laptop so that they can go dual screen. Or why not shop around for a deal on a computer chair. Vinyl record players, Bluetooth speakers, frames for their favorite photos, wall art, strip lights, and even retro movie posters could all go down a storm. It’s time to do a little digging on what you think might interest them the most!

Set a spending limit and take them … wherever they want to go 

Finding your way into the good books of your teenage son or daughter on their birthday might not always come down to second guessing what they might like to receive as a gift. Sometimes, it could be easier to ask. You may find out that what they really wish to unwrap is tickets to a show, or that they don’t really want to unwrap anything at all – this could be the age at which they begin to appreciate ‘experience’ style gifts. Think about things like hot air balloon rides or boat trips or even taking a haunted house tour (this is especially fitting if their birthday happens to fall on or around Halloween). They may just want to go clothes shopping or to try a restaurant. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking them what it is that they truly want.  


  • Tamra Phelps

    All of my niece and nephews are teens n ow and I’m clueless what to get them. It really was easier when they were little, lol. They were very vocal then about what they wanted!

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Teens? The niece changed practically overnight from a happy carefree child to a sullen she-devil. Holy God, hormones are sometimes more trouble than they’re worth!

  • Shané

    Great ideas! I have a brand new teen in the house, all of 13! lol and I wish I had this last Christmas. I think something decorative for her room might be a winner

  • Rosie

    These are good ideas. I used to child sit for my niece every weekend since she was young. When she got to be about 14, wow, it was like a different person. Suddenly, I couldn’t do a good guess at what she would like for presents, or even just conversation! Lots of tears, and crying. I still wonder whaaaa??? Luckily, that era is past, but it is good to have ideas for teens that are wanted!

  • Tamra Phelps

    It was so much easier to buy toys for my niece and nephews when they were kids, lol. Now, they’re teens and I’m usually clueless.

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