Hair Restoration Treatments for Men in Winnipeg


Lately, you will notice a large number of men with a carefully done haircut like fade, samurai bundles, undercuts, and other modern male hairstyles. It means only one thing – the stronger sex care of their hair much more than we thought. There are a dozen hair restoration treatments that’s gonna help you get a mane.

Almost half of the men over the fifth decade of life are confronting with alopecia, or in layman’s term, going bald with no particular reason. But recently, this negative trend has been noted in an increasing number of young, healthy people.

Can Men Prevent Baldness?

Most healthy men start going bald after their thirties. Enzymes in male bodies convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. It’s a secondary sex hormone that makes the hair thinner and shorter, and after a while, it starts irreversibly to fall. Scientists still didn’t accurately prove what impacts the amount of the enzymes mentioned, but they assume genetics has the most significant role in hair loss. In addition to genetics, many factors can accelerate the occurrence of alopecia in healthy men. The leading causes that can be directly related to baldness are hair loss are stress, pollution, fatigue, poor nutrition, and skin problems. Becoming bald can be traumatic for many males because the thick, lush hair reflects youth and vitality. To read more about the reasons for this, check out this link. Experienced dermatologists from Winnipeg say there is hope for those who want to prevent baldness. Some preparations block enzymes causing the quality of strands decreases. These preparations can prevent baldness, but they can’t renew the follicles that have already been dead. In this case, the solution can be follicle restoration.

Why Hair Restoration Treatment

It will take a long time before men notice (and admit) that they have a problem. Mostly because of shame and lack of information, they postpone solving of hair loss problem, or simply reconcile with being bald for the rest of their lives. The progress of technology and medicine in the last decade has made it possible to increase the efficiency of hair treatments. These operations are performed routinely today, with the help of modern methods like lasers. Also, these procedures are now more affordable than a couple of years ago. One more significant benefit of follicle restoration is quick recovery after a single treatment.

Explanation of Procedure

Hair loss primarily starts on the head top and whiskers. Follicles from the back and the side generally don’t fall. They are much stronger and more resistant than the strands on top of the head. Hairpieces for men also a good option these days as it is more easy to apply to your head and more and more affordable. The same goes for follicles from other body parts. The procedure begins with the use of a local anesthetic on the ‘donor’ area. Extractor with a thin needle removes and places the follicles where needed. This tool is minimally invasive, and healing is fast. If you are working with experienced dermatologists, no one will notice that you underwent this procedure. The follicles of transplanted implants retain their traits. After a few days of transplantation, the web of capillaries is forming around the transplanted follicles. Then the new strands get all required nutrients through blood and start to grow. Patients take regular care as before.

Transplanted Hair Looks Natural

Experts who perform these restoration treatments should take care of several factors to keep the natural look of the patient’s scalp. It is essential to maintain the distance between the follicles. New hair shouldn’t be thicker than it is. Doctors or dermatologists place implants in square centimeters of skin, usually about 50 to 70 single strands. The line of transplantation should look natural, i.e., to follow the path of follicles that were already there. In some cases, self donating is not possible in the patient. And they can’t get follicles from another person, due to differences in genetic material. Then dermatologists and transplantation experts use implants from other parts of the body – armpit, chest, back, stomach, and even from the pubic area. After transplantation, patients usually return to regular life quickly. This procedure is a free choice, as it’s primarily aesthetical, not medical treatment. Baldness is not a disease. However, some people simply feel better with hair. After this treatment, they have more confidence and believe in themselves again. And they don’t care of others noticing something different about them. 


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