Bake ware

Happy Birthday To ME!!

Today I turn………SIXTY!! (holy guacamole batman! I even spelled it wrong while I was typing!) I have to admit I don’t feel 60. Although what does 60 feel like? I do know what I THOUGHT of 60 while in my 20’s was wrong, wrong, wrong! Sixty is NOT that old. It’s the new 40’s right??

Since I’m pretty sure that the new house and the total make over of said house is my birthday present I can hope for a cake. Right?? Carrot cake please. Or carrot cupcakes. I’m easy!

It will have to be a store bought cake; my cooking supplies are here and in California in a million different boxes. I really am a HORRIBLE packer!! HORRIBLE!!! I have mixing bowls. I have no cooking pans. I have sugar; I do not have flour. I have garlic salt and no vanilla. I have hot cocoa mix and no mugs. Seriously!! WHO packs this way!?

I want cake. Carrot cake or German chocolate cake please. No, I don’t have cocoa or coconut. Store bought again.

Since my list of wants has started I may as well continue. I want a canvas worthy picture from my trail cam of my bear. (In case you don’t follow me on Instagram; last week I had a BEAR!!! Like 10 feet from the house!! A BEAR!!!) In the morning!!! At the same time as the window guys came; so the bear didn’t stick around for his ‘glamour’ shot!

Since I’m a greedy girl, I also want a glamour shot of a moose and elk. However, mostly I want cake!!

One last thing; I thought I would share this video that came in the Sandpoint Online newspaper. This is where I live! Yup, I am a lucky, happy 60 year old girl. 60! Whew!! But, still, THERE had better be CAKE!!!


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