Happy Friday!

In theory having 8 …. 9 months or more to pack your house for a move is great.  IN THEORY. In reality I can’t stay focused!!

Today I managed to pack 4 boxes in between my binge watching Breaking Bad and drinking coffee.

I’ve managed to pack a lot. I’ve managed to binge watch several shows too.  One of which is Ozark. Oh man, when does that come back?!  I highly recommend that one.

Vegas is another good one. Except the fact it was a 2012 show that was never renewed. Dang it!! I really liked that show.  Now I’ll never know how the… well; never mind .. I don’t want to spoil it if  you decide to watch.

What other shows are binge worthy?  I’m sorry I meant: please come over bring boxes, tape and bubble wrap and help me pack.

Happy Friday Y’all….

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    8/9 months? If that was me I’d probably have packed then unpacked boxes & still be running round like the proverbial headless chicken the week before!

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