Happy Napper Review

Baby Alice and I had the pleasure of reviewing Happy Dog House to Dog Happy Napper. This little guy is SUPER CUTE!!!!   Our Happy Napper arrived looking like a dog house complete with a doorbell that when pushed has sound effects.  Each Happy Napper has a unique sound effect when you push the doorbell, our napper sounds like a puppy snoring sooo CUTE!!!  The snoring made both Alice and I laugh.

The house part is a baby soft velvet. Unzip the little door and out pulls the puppy. Stuff the house inside the puppy and zip it back up. The zipper is a sturdy zipper that will last for many many MANY transformations! When the napper is a puppy the zipper is hidden.

The puppy has 2 black button type eyes which I tried my hardest to remove and they didn’t budge. The arms and legs are sewn to withstand a lot of lovin’. The tongue is also sewn in. This is very well constructed cuddle buddy.  It passed the Na Na test, so I’m comfortable with letting Baby Alice snuggle this little guy.

Alice was all smiles from the second he came out of the box!
The Happy Napper puppy has long (about a half inch long) soft fur. His belly is the same velvet as the house. This whole napper is soft like a well loved stuffed animal (but with a MUCH cuter face!!!  This puppies face is ADORABLE!!!)

Alice happily laid down and cuddled up on her new puppy that alone made me want to sing the praises of Happy Nappers!!!  Seriously!!!  ALICE HATES to lay down!!  This kid wants to be on the go all the time!!!  So if Baby Alice is happy to cuddle up and take 5??  Then it’s a keeper!!!  Happy Nappers would be a cute gift for any age!!  Boys and Girls!!  These would be super cute to take on a sleepover. I dunno… ours sitting on the couch right now looking adorable!!  (Hummmm wonder if Alice would even notice if I started putting him on my BED?!?! Or just leave him where he sits… I needed new pillows anyway!!)

It’s so funny to watch Alice talk to this little guy!!  

Seriously!!  LOOOK AT THIS FACE!!!! I think I need the Lady Bug and the Monkey now… ohhhh and the Unicorn…. but then the Penguin and Dragon would be sad they were left out… 
Happy Nappers are available for $14.99 +s&h  BUT!! Use this discount code: SPECIAL4U and get free SHIPPING!!!!!!!!  WOOO HOOOO!!!  Thank you Jay at Play!! 
Another Thank YOU to Jay at Play because a portion of all Happy Nappers’ proceeds will be given to the Home Sweet Home Fund benefiting the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.
Thank you Jay at Play for this this Happy Napper we received to facilitate our review. 
All opinions are 100% our own. 

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