• Tamra Phelps

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I would say top o’ the morning to ya—but I’ve just learned from the news that that saying is completely made up by Hollywood & is never said in Ireland, lol.

  • Sarah L

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Had a good swim class with one new person. I’m wearing green and will be having corned beef & cabbage that I cooked in the crock pot.

  • cjsoyer

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Our family isn’t Irish but we still wear green and enjoy the festivities. What can I say? I love and appreciate holidays of all traditions! 🙂

  • michele

    Happy St Patricks Day to you also Connie….Irish or not and in this case Hungarian it is corned beef and cabbage with colcommon and a glass of Guiness

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