Happy Sunday!!

This was a great week! Went to town a couple of times. (OH MY GOSH; I am country again!! I now say things like “Going to town”)
One of our trips we walked downtown Sandpoint and stumbled upon the CUTEST shops!!! One of them is called “Burlwood Dreams“.  I need! Yes, NEED one of these bears for our front porch!! HOW cute are these faces?!?!

I love that these are made by the owner of the family owned and operated shop. I am truly obsessed with these bears!!

And in case you missed my Instagram post about the attack of the hummingbird………..

I was hanging my new hummingbird feeder. Was leaning out over the rail on the second story. Something buzzed my ear. I freaked. Thought it was a wasp and swatted it. HARD! I wasn’t 100% sure we had hummingbirds up here so I didn’t expect anything. ESPECIALLY before I finished hanging the damn thing up! I shook like a leaf for hours afterwords! I think in that split second I thought I was going to fall from the second deck(leaning too far over the rail), drop the brand new pretty red glass feeder or get stung by a wasp or hornet. So I swatted. I swatted HARD!!! Poor little guy got sent to the deck.  He did get up and fly away while I shouted “I’m sorry! I’m SO SORRY! I’m sorry!!”

So, long story short we have hummingbirds in Sandpoint Idaho!!

On that same train of thought I am going to share Sarah’s notes from Instagram!

I have found that this is the best recipe for making your own nectar–I feel the birds prefer it over the various instant mixes.

1 Part Sugar 
4 Parts Water 
Boil 1-2 Minutes 
Cool & Store In Refrigerator

Never use honey or artificial sweeteners! Honey ferments easily, and can cause sores in a hummers mouth. Artificial sweeteners have no food value. DO NOT use red food coloring in your solution, as this could be harmful to your hummers. No testing has been done on the effects dye has on birds. Most feeders have red on them and that should be enough.

That’s what we do and it works…………. sort of. See the little hummingbird won’t drink. Ohhhhhhhhh he comes and SIT’s ON THE HOOK an mocks me!! I snapped a picture with my phone so it’s really fuzzy but enough so that you can see him.  Talk about holding a grudge!!


  • Rosie

    The hummingbird was attracted to you, Connie -sweet as sugar! It would be so cool if you take some pictures of the hummingbirds at the feeder.

  • Tamra Phelps

    My aunt Jean loves hummingbirds, too. And those bears are, I think, necessary for your front porch, lol. After all, you have wild animals walking right up to your door, these might keep them fromattacking, lol.

  • CJ

    Oh this is so precious! I love hummingbirds, they’re the cutest! We have birdfeeders all over our yard but I never notice them go to it, so I need to try this nectar recipe… 🙂

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