Hattie Peck Book Review

If there is one thing (okay, one OF the things) I love to review it would be children’s books. Alice has a collection that will rival any library out there! Seriously, this kid devours books!! Alice gets a story before bed. Ahhemmm, Alice gets stories before bed. I dare you to look into those big hazel eyes and say no!! It can’t be done! Seriously, what four-year-old do you know that would rather have a story read to her than to watch a video!?!

Our newest addition to the Alice Library is Hattie Peck. It’s made the most requested book of the week!!  This one would be the PERFECT addition to any Easter Basket because it’s all about EGGS!!  Poor, sad Hattie Peck loves eggs, she only laid one egg and it never hatched. But, she dreams of having her own eggs, that’s really all she wants! So, Hattie packs her bags and heads out to find all the abandoned eggs she can.  There isn’t an egg that’s too big and there isn’t an egg that’s too small. Hattie will rescue them all! Hattie’s adventure takes her from the tops of mountains, to the bottom of the ocean, Hattie isn’t afraid to look in dark caves to find all of the abandoned eggs. With a pile of eggs she sails home and patiently sits on them until they all hatch.

Hattie embarks on a journey in search of all the abandoned eggs. She dives to the deepest depths of vast oceans. She soars over gigantic cities and climbs up mountains towering above the clouds. Through gloomy dark caves, deep below the ground, Hattie searches. And she doesn’t find just one egg. There are so many abandoned eggs, just waiting for her to find them!

With her newly gathered eggs in tow, Hattie Peck returns home. Sitting on so many eggs at once is quite the task, but Hattie doesn’t mind. Days and weeks pass, until one day, finally, there’s a Crack! Scratch! Tap! But what will happen when all those eggs hatch together?

Oh my gosh, the last few pages make Alice laugh out loud every single time. We have to point out each and every one of Hattie’s new babies and what a funny mix of babies she hatches!

This is an adorable book!! Emma Levey has written AND illustrated a beautiful book about unconditional love!

The story is beautifully illustrated with bright and fun colors.  The story itself is engaging, sweet and full of unconditional love!

You can find Hattie Peck on Sky Pony Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores.

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author: Emma Levey
Illustrator: Emma Levey
Publication Date: 3-15-2016
Number of Pages: 32 Pages
Book Type: Hardcover
Size: 10″ by 10″



  • Tamra Phelps

    My youngest nephew is in kindergarten & learning to read. He loves going to the library & picking out a book. This sounds like one he could read.

  • Sarah L

    I’m very happy that Alice loves her books and that the people around her love to read to her. Soon she’ll be reading them herself.

  • Rosie

    This sounds so darn cute, I want to read it, forget the kids woops I mean let’s get it for the kids! I used to have chickens that lay eggs, and the rooster would sit on them for the hen, and she would go off and have a good time, so this story reminded me of those good ‘ol days.

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