Heading For The Wild? The Ultimate Wilderness Checklist To Follow!

Whether you are a hunting enthusiast or an adventure lover, you cannot ignore the importance of good planning and preparation. Surely, a trip in the wilderness would have the adrenaline rushing bit you should never step out unless you are fully prepared. When it comes to preparing for a hunting or hiking trip, having a checklist to follow is a great idea. It will help you pack your stuff quickly so that you can go ahead and there’s never a risk of missing out anything important. So here’s the ultimate wilderness checklist you should stick to when heading for the wild.

Food and drinks

The first thing you will need is food and drinks. If it’s only a day trip, some pre-packaged snacks would be good enough. Pack lightweight and healthy stuff such as protein bars and trail mix. A few water bottles would be enough to get you through the day. Still, have some extras in case you need to stay overnight. For camping trips that last longer, you will need a small portable kitchen with a camping stove, utensils, cookware, and enough food and water to last.


First-aid kit

The next essential on your wilderness checklist is a proper first-aid kit, which is something you must absolutely take along. Stock up the basics such as bandages, ointments, bug spray, sanitizers and medications for general issues like fever, diarrhea, and pain. Don’t forget your regular prescription medicines as well. Carrying sunscreen is a good idea because it keeps your skin safe outdoors.


Tactical gear

When you are out in the wilderness, there are always safety risks. You cannot trust wild animals while stray bullets can also cause shooting accidents. Packing up tactical gear is a good idea, whether you plan to hunt or just have good times with your gang. You can explore options in body armor by engardebodyarmor.com for ensuring personal protection. Tactical knives, flashlights, and navigational equipment are some other essentials on the wilderness checklist.  Batteries are also important to keep your flashlights running.


The right set of tools is mandatory for any adventure checklist. Although knives have already been mentioned in the tactical gear, they double up as a useful aid for cutting cords, food and even navigating through the foliage. You can carry a pocket knife along with a proper knife set if you plan to camp and cook. Buying a multi-tool kit is a good idea if you are regular with outdoor trips. Do carry fire-starting equipment as well.


Camera and chargers

When you are out in the wild, you would surely want to capture some memories. While you may use your cell phone for taking pictures, carrying a camera is a good idea if you love outdoor photography besides hunting and hiking. Remember to pack batteries and chargers so that your phone and camera are always up and running.

This checklist has you covered on all fronts, from comfort to safety and entertainment. So just check it every time you plan an adventure and you will surely have a great time outdoors! 


  • heather

    Great checklist thanks for sharing I always seem to forget something and it is nice to have a checklist. I make sure tthat my car has all of these things in it too.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I tend to prefer the kind of vacations that take place in hotels or cruise ships, lol. But I have a lot of family that really love camping, hiking, RVing, etc.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    And bring a mirror! We rely on tech so much that we forget that batteries run out. If you’re lost a mirror is a very simple way of attracting attention!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Truth is, I’ve never been a great outdoors kind of person, lol. I like a good view of the great outdoors from the window of a nice, air-conditioned hotel room!

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