Heidi Klum Celebrates First Birthday of Truly Scrumptious

Heidi Klum has a blast with a groupl of Truly Scrumptious KidsModel mom Heidi Klum celebrated the first birthday of her children’s fashion line, Truly Scruptious for Babies “R” Us, during Kids Fashion Week in New York City.

Heidi opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the “huge fan” of the line in her own family. She goes on to talk about her four kids – Leni, 9, Henry, 8, Johan, 6 1/2, and Lou, 4 – who have “picked out their costumes already” for Halloween.

CBS: Congratulations on the first birthday of your Truly ScrumptiousCollection! How has the line grown or changed over the past year? 


HK: “I am always trying to make the line even better — more colors, more special details and more sparkles! Kids love clothing that is fun and comfy so I keep that in mind while trying to add some whimsical and unexpected details.”

CBS: Tell us all about the holiday collection. What was your inspiration? What are some of your favorite pieces?

HK: “We have a rainbow faux-fur coat that is one of my favorites. There are some great pyjamas as well — one pair comes with fabric markers so your child can color them in themselves. Kids love them — it takes a normal pyjama and makes it an art project. There is also a pair of slippers designed to look like mugs of hot cocoa.”

CBS: Do you get any feedback from real parents?

HK: “I have gotten great responses so far. As a parent myself, it’s important that I am offering fun designs in soft fabrics and for a great price. I want parents to feel good about buying my collection.”

CBS: Do your own kids wear the line? What do they think of it?

HK: “My daughter Lou is a huge fan! She is a great gauge of what items kids will respond to. She loves the items with more embellishments and sparkles. Apparently, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree [laughs]. Also, she loves the tutu dresses. My older children are, unfortunately, too large for the line as we only go up to a 5T, but all three ask when I will make clothing in their sizes.”

CBS: Are your kids excited about Halloween? Have they picked out their costumes?

HK: “I think I have passed on my love for Halloween to my kids. We go all out decorating our house. There are spider webs and skeletons and pumpkins in every corner. They have picked out their costumes already but we like to keep them secret.”

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