"Help My Baby Came Without Instructions"

Seriously! Everything comes with instructions!!  Why can’t your baby!?!? The hospital sends you home with this little person that can’t even hold it’s own body fluids. No test, no license they didn’t even care if I knew which end was which!!

If hospitals were smart they would send each new parent home with this new book!! “Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions” written by Blythe Lipman. I believe it’s the next best thing to an instruction manual!!

HELP! is not one of those boring “do this”… “do that”…and I’m asleep in 5 minutes ‘how to’ books. This book is whitty and easy to follow.
HELP! has real solutions, EASY solutions, to help you get through the rough patches of your new babies life! 

First thing that stood out for me, are the bullet points at the end of each chapter. Absolutely awesome for quick reference. (Ya’ know… cause new Mom’s don’t usually have a lot of time on their hands!)

My favorite section is the baby proofing section.  That’s one area that so many other baby books ignore.

Not only is HELP! packed with information, there are cute stories, poems, antidotes throughout the book. All of that really makes “Help My Baby Came Without Instructions” special.

This book covers everything from bringing home baby to you going back to work. There is a section to help you find the best pre-school/daycare center.  Blythe has thought of everything!!! This is a MUST have in every nursery. HELP!! is the PERFECT baby shower gift!!

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