Poor little baby Alice (all of 3 weeks old!) has a diaper rash that just won’t go away.  Does anyone have any home remedies that worked well for you?
Here is what Selena has tried:
#1 cornstarch (But after a google search did you know you shouldn’t use that because it can allow the bacteria to grow! Seriously!!  HOW did my children make it through childhood?!?!)
#2 Buttpaste I would buy this for the name alone. I’m childish like that!
#3 Desitine

Baby in an orange knit hat

I suggested trying a different diaper brand.  I suggested 2 tablespoons of baking soda in Alice’s bath water. Lastly more no diaper time.

Anyone else have an idea to try?

These looks Alice has on her face kinda says she doesn’t like her private rash discussed in public!
Ohhh well…. she better just get use to it cause Nonnie always shares WAYYYYY too much!!

Lastly Thank you!! Miss Barbara for a great lunch! I do love our monthly lunch dates.  I’m sorry I made you cry again.  Seee????  I always share too much! kiss kiss!

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