Hi-Ho Cherry O Game Review and GIVEAWAY!!

How many of you remember the board game Hi-Ho Cherry O?? Originally introduced in 1960. This is a fun game for kids and adults!!

Just like in 1960 you don’t have to know how to read to play this game! This is an all-image-based game.

The board has changed some; no longer are there standing tree’s to pick the cherries from. Which I think is a great thing; little fingers don’t always have the dexterity to hang the cherries.  Now the game board has a tree raised plastic tree directly on the board with grooves for the cherries. The cherries are still the same, little red fruit with a stem. You also don’t have a bucket but a corner dish for your cherries. Now, for me this is a good change. I know with the game I had growing up the buckets slowly disappeared never to be found again. Soooo I’m okay with the corner dish.


Hi-Ho Cherry O is played with 2 to 4 players. The board is laid out with four trees in the center, each tree holds a total of ten cherries. There is a spin wheel on a separate board. To play just spin the wheel to find out how many cherries you pick or return to your tree.


Some of the pictures show 1-4 cherries; the player picks the corresponding number of fruits off of their tree and put them into their individual cups. Land on a bird or a dog, however, and two of those cherries had to go back to the tree. Land on the dreaded spilled basket and ALL of the cherries had to go back to the tree. The first person with 10 cherries in their basket is the winner.

Playing with 5-year-old Eli and 6-year-old Emma I realized two important things; first math can be fun! They didn’t even realize they were exercising their little brains. Second? They CHEAT!!!  If I was lucky enough to spin for 4 cherries I was told the spinner was too close to the line. Ummm hummmm right…. it’s in the CENTER of the cherries!!

Hi-Ho Cherry O is meant for kids ages 3 and up. The game comes with 1 plastic game-board with 4 trees and buckets, 44 plastic cherries (40 for gameplay, 4 extras), fully assembled spinner, and illustrated instructions.


Nope, not a single one! We had so much FUN playing this board game together!! No television. No electronics. FUN; talk about your day as you play FUN!! What could I whine about?!

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One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will TWO games from Winning Moves Games. Squish Squish Fish and Hi-Ho-Cherry O!! I see some summer fun in your future!!!  Good Luck!!



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