Just a quick check in. Yes, still in sunny California along with 987 BILLION other people. I do not know where all these people have come from!! I feel like all I’ve done is park on the freeway.

I know I always complained about California traffic when I was here but after you move away and get use to a sloooooooooooooow pace it’s rather over whelming. I forgot about go 70mph then come to a dead stop kind of driving.

What kind of drivers are in the UK? Do you find it hard to get to work?? Do you sit on a freeway too?? For hours?  Do UK’ers get to work from home? Because if I was still living in California that’s the only way I could work.

I am gonna need some major unwinding when I get home! And quiet. I need me some quiet!

I’m have an AWESOME time!!! Alice has grown like a weed! Still the funniest kid I know.

I’ve visited with my favorite Miss Barbara for 3 hour breakfast….. a three hour tour with the Skipper an….. never-mind…… shiny!!

Got my hair done. Spent time in the pool. Went to a baseball game, an escape room. Ate sushi and had taco Tuesday……… and spent hours in the car. HOURS!!! Traveling less than 20 miles and taking up to 2 hours and 18 minutes!! WHATTHE)#($#&$(*@&@(*&$

The Husband is still holding down the home front. Garage doors are in and working!! WOOO HOOO! The roof is done and NO leaks!!  Of course The Husband says the decks still aren’t done. Bear is growing bigger and bigger.

Another little tidbit from The Husband; we now have had reports of a COUGAR (no not a new single lady…. a real life 4 legged kind) on the mountain. (secretly hoping it doesn’t leave before I get the trail cams out and get a picture! But don’t tell The Husband!!) I PROMISE not to try and pet the cougar. HONEST!! But, a picture would be AMAZING!!!!!!

So another week, week and a half and I’ll be back.  Thank you everyone for continuing to check in. I promise to read comment ASAP….. but right now I have to go pick up Alice from Lagoon Camp. Granted it’s only 4 miles away but it could possibly take me an hour………. seriously?! WHERE ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE GOING?!?! ALL OF THE TIME?!?!?!

Breathe Connie………. just breathe……………



  • Rosie

    I don’t think I could deal with that much traffic! You’re lucky your hubby gets projects done while you are away and not sitting around eating pizza and chips and endless TV and plenty for you to clean upon your return!

  • Sarah L

    Glad you’re coping with the traffic and still having a great time.
    Can’t the hubby put up the trail cams while you’re gone?

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