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PurePlantMenopause SUCKS!! The worst part for me personally are the hot flashes. I HATE HOT FLASHES!! Haven’t hit menopause age yet?? Well, let me give you an idea what a hot flash is. It’s heat that radiates from the center of my body and ends up in my neck and head and BAMB I can’t get cooled off I’m beet red, sweating and miserable! Oh yeah, they come without warning and usually when I’m in crowds of people. Want to experience a hot flash?? Turn the oven on to 400° let that get good and hot, then stand really close and open the oven door and stand there for ohhhh anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. These are especially fun in the middle of summer!! Hot flashes come and go anywhere from every 20 minutes to an hour apart and they just keep coming!! Everything melts off…. make up, hair goes flat… yep…. hot flashes are the PITS!!! Don’t even get me started on the night sweats! Those are even worse!! In the middle of a very nice dream and bamb an even more intense hot flash that makes me sweat MORE than a regular hot flash so off go the blankets….. and no more sleep. MENOPAUSE SUCKS!!!!! (I know what you are thinking… gee Connie why don’t you tell us how you really feel?)

I want relief!! I jumped at the chance to review Hot Flash Relief Spray. This spray isn’t a drug, I don’t have to remember to take a pill it’s all natural! As a matter of fact Hot Flash Relief Spray promotes Natural Hormone Balancing and it works instantly for fast cooling relief.

When a hot flash starts I grab my bottle of Hot Flash Relief Spray, shake well and spritz my face, the back of my neck, decolletage, under arms. Actually where I feel heat I spray and that can be anywhere from my wrists to the top of my head. While this is all natural spray made with a proprietary blend of peppermint, Geranium Bourbon, Lemon and other pure essential oils in purified water and witch hazel some people may have a skin sensitivity. I personally have had none. All I have experienced is shorter hot flashes. As in, as soon as I’m done spraying my Hot Flash Relief Spray I’m done with my hot flash. This stuff puts out the fire!!

This spray arrives in a 2 ounce amber glass bottle and contains approximately 360 applications. Made in Ashland Oregon this spray is amazing. AMAZING!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

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Are you kidding?! Did you hear the part where I said this spray puts out the fire?? I may have to get wrist pouch so I have it with me all the time!



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