House Hunting 101

The Husband and I have decided it’s time to move.  California is officially too expensive for our retirement plan. My home wish list on Zillow is getting to be so long!! There are so many houses that are so stunning I have to wonder WHY would YOU move?!?!

The Husband and I decided we should start a list of MUST have items. Items that we HAVE to have for our new home. Number 1 on my list I want a tub. Not some ‘water to my ankles’ type of tub. I want a tub for soaking with a good book and glass of wine kind of tub. My dream tub would be a claw-foot tub. The tub is a MUST have for me. Second. I want a swing on my new the front porch. I can picture myself sitting on my front porch with a glass of wine and watching the sunset. A wonderful large ‘storybook’ type porch. I won’t budge on the porch either.

Number 3 on my MUST have items is; four bedrooms minimum.  My Mom lives with us and she needs her own space. I need a craft room. I love crafting. Okay, okay, I must have a place to hide from The Husband and The Mother.

Those are the three MOST important items on my list. These are items that I will not budge on. NOT BUDGING!!

My ‘would love to have’ list includes hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors through out my new home would make me so happy!!  It’s number four on the list and not a deal breaker. Same with a hot tub and a fire-pit. They would make me so happy but not deal breakers.

The Husbands list starts with a large garage. He is set on a 3 car garage. He will not move without the large garage. He doesn’t eveb care if the garage needs work. For that matter I don’t either! I can always call  Markham garage doors whether the door needs work or needs to be completely replaced. Besides, a retiree NEEDS a hobby!! (I see the wives shaking their heads! YUP YUP!! Retired Husbands need hobbies!)

The Husband also wants a workshop.  Again, sounds great to me!! He needs a hobby that gets him OUT of the house!!

The Husband wants a yard and a garden to tinker in. Again… sounds great to ME!!! Well, as long as I don’t have to do yard work.  I will however gladly watch from the porch with wine in hand!!

The Mother had two “must haves” Internet and heat. Well, number one, HAVE WE met?! Me without Internet?! You don’t want to see ME without Internet!! It’s like me without COFFEE!! It ISN’T a pretty sight!! Heat?? Hello?! Again??  Have we met?!  Which means I need to add number 5 to my list. Fireplace!!

If you decided to move what would be on your MUST have list or WISH list?! So? Wanna see my number one house pick??? I am madly in love with this house!! I must pull this house up 10 times a day. I LOVE this house!!!!!!  Just and FYI, the building next to the house is The Husband’s garage.


  • Kate Sarsfield

    But Connie, you’ll have to buy shoes and proper clothes if you move from the sunshine and what about Alice? I foresee tears aplenty.

  • clojo9372

    Wow that house is beautiful! One of my best friends had to leave the state we grew up in because it was just too expensive for her and her family to live, it wasn’t an easy decision but it was necessary. I wish you the best of luck with finding your dream home! 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, I love wrap-around porches! And one word of advice: claw foot tubs are beautiful & deep & great…unless you have any arthritis. Then they get difficult to get in & out of, lol. Trust me. So…go for it & enjoy while you can!

  • michele

    that house is adorable.. Ok my list.. a large front porch or gallery…french casement windows……balcony off the master bedroom…..large working kitchen because I am in there half my day!! I can honestly say except for the Juliet balcony I have everything on my list!! Good l;uck Connie

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