How To Grow Your Twitter Following Organically

Not everyone who has a large Twitter following is a celebrity. Some of the people out there with thousands (if not millions) of followers are just interesting people, who have entertaining or fascinating things to say. How did they get there, though? You might be just as funny, wise, or insightful as them, so how is it that they get the five-figure likes and re-tweets figures, and you’re still broadcasting to a few hundred people? 


The answer to that question is probably that they’ve been smart about how they’ve developed their Twitter following. There are a few basic tricks and tips you can use to start increasing the number of people you have following you online without spending money to do so. They’re not fast, and they’re not always easy, but they’re effective. 

There are several good reasons you might want to attract more followers to your Twitter account that have nothing to do with wanting to become an ‘influencer’ or a wannabe celebrity. Some of our readers will have businesses they want to promote, and are looking to get their name in front of more eyeballs. Others will have a podcast, or a hobby, or a cause they want to get people excited about. If you recognize yourself in any of those descriptions, then carry on reading. 

Before we go further, we’ll explain what we mean by ‘organic.’ An ‘organic’ Twitter following is one that has developed naturally. Anyone can attract one million more followers by this time tomorrow if they pay for them, but it’s a pointless exercise. You look like a big deal if someone takes a brief glance at your account, but they’ll soon know something’s wrong when you have 50,000 followers, but nobody’s liking or replying to your tweets. Not only that, Twitter will eventually remove the fake followers from their platform – and possibly suspend your account in the process. 

None of the techniques we’re about to show you are a ‘magic bullet’ for increasing follower numbers. Some days they’ll work, and some days they won’t. Some of them may work for you more than others do. The whole thing is similar to the one people they go through when they play mobile slots on website such as Kong Casino. A lot of the time, you put time and money into mobile slot’. Other times, you place the tiniest little bet, and the mobile slots game you’re playing pays out big time. The key thing is to keep on playing until it happens – which is why it’s important you keep on pushing ahead with these techniques even if nothing appears to be changing. You’ll get your reward in the end!

Be Smart About When You Post

Common sense might tell you the best time to post a tweet is either early in the morning or late at night. That’s when your audience is most likely to see them because they’re not at work, right? Wrong. Twitter is actually at its most active during weekday afternoons. We don’t know what that says about the average 21st-century workplace, but that’s when the majority of your potential audience are there to read what you’re saying. You might even be reading this in the middle of your working day right now – and if you are, you’re proving out point! 

Use Pictures & Video

We are the meme generation. We’re all hooked on gifs and memes. Almost all of us have used one at least once in a social media post or a WhatsApp message, and many of us do so several times a day. Pictures, memes, and gifs – especially funny ones – are more likely to grab the attention of a potential follower than plain text. Think about how many times you’ve scrolled listlessly through a stream of tweets, and stopped because an image has caught your eye. The more original your visual content is, the more likely people are to pause and look at it. Consequently, the more likely those people are to follow you if you’ve entertained them. 

Consider Your Ratio

None of us like being advertised to. We’re all very savvy about advertising now, and we know when someone is trying to sell us something. No matter how great your promotional content is, very few people will follow you if they think all they’re going to get from you is advertising. The smart ratio on Twitter is 80/20. That means eight out of ten tweets should be unrelated to your business or cause, and the remaining two should be promotional. If people think they’re going to get solid content from you with the occasional marketing message here and there, they’re more likely to press that all-important ‘follow’ button. You might think two out of ten isn’t enough considering all the content you want to throw out there, but that’s where the next tip comes in. 

Post Ten Times A Day

Most of you need to up your Twitter game. If you don’t have enough followers, you’re probably too quiet. When you post a tweet – especially one on a busy hashtag – it’s buried within seconds. Nobody’s going to see it unless they follow you already, or someone else picks it up and retweets it. The only chance you have of getting it in front of someone’s eyes now is posting something new, and hoping someone clicks through from your new tweet to see what else you have to offer on your feed. That’s why quantity is, for once, just as important as quality. Get at least ten tweets out there each day. If possible, reply to every response you get to those tweets in order to promote engagement. If people know you’ll interact with them, they’re more likely to want to stay in touch. 

Here’s the cliff notes version of everything we’ve just said:- Put most of your content out during the afternoon, use visual aids every single time, dial back on the number of promotional tweets you send out, and get busier. If you’re struggling for inspiration about what to tweet, just jump on the nearest hashtag and join in on the conversation. There’s always something happening on Twitter that’s worth talking about. All of this may sound like it’s too simple to work, but it does. Give it a go, and come back here to tell us how you got on! 


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