How to Kit a Gourmet Deli Store!

If you are looking to open a local food outlet, you will need to make  a decision on which niche you are targeting, and what is in trend. Chances are that you have already thought about opening a gourmet deli shop on the busy main street to accommodate busy Millennials whenever they are meeting their customers or are taking a lunch break away from the office. You will have to ensure that you know your ideal customers and tailor your offers to their needs. Here are a few tips to make your interior stand out.


Deli Counter

The first thing that your shop visitors see is the counter. It has to be informative and include every single information your guests and clients might be looking for. The source of the coffee you serve, the carbon footprint of the produce, and the origin of the fresh ingredients. You might even make your entire deli store plastic-free. Check out a couple of interesting shop designs for inspiration.

Calorie Display

Your potential customers will also be interested in the calorie count, and the full ingredient list. You will have to display this in a very prominent position. An increasing number of Millennials are willing to pay extra if they know what they are being served and if you give them the extra service they are looking for. They want to be in the picture before they make a decision on what to have for lunch.

Special Offers

If there is one thing about Millennials, it is that they are very streetwise when it comes to discounts and special offers. You will need to display the different deals on the walls, so they can see them, but it might also be a good idea to plan a social media promotion around your different offers. If you are not confident that you can make this work for your brand, there are plenty of affordable social media packages available for small and medium sized business owners.

Modern Art


It is crucial that you attract customers with a great environment they can relate to. A minimalist store design will be the perfect backdrop for displaying art. You can search for slatwall for sale to save wall space and create an interactive art display that will impress your Millennial customers.

Customer Focused Facilities

Younger people and professionals simply don’t want to wait around to be served, or ask questions that they can find out the answers to by reading the menu. You will have to pay attention to the signage of your deli store, and tailor the design to your brand’s identity and your customers’ preferences. You might want to employ an interior designer to create a practical and engaging environment your customers will love.

If you would like to make your gourmet deli store a success, you will need to appeal to the upmarket Millennial target. Find out as much as possible about their shopping habits and their preferences, so you can please them every day.


  • Kate Sarsfield

    Ha ha, Rosie! Perhaps there should be a ‘don’t ask, just eat’ section as opposed to ‘guilt-free’ desserts!

  • Rosie

    Reading this almost makes me want to open up a place! I used to think it would be fun to have a pie shop, there was a really cool one, but it closed unexpectedly. If you are going to do it, these are good points! Although I’m not sure too many people really want to know how many calories are in a giant slice of pie with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream on top.

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