How We Appear Is How We Are Perceived

Selena and AliceMy 2017 new year’s resolution was to put my best face forward. Over the last 6 months I have made an effort to put on my face and do my hair. I work in a male dominated field and deal mostly with crooks and tweakers so it’s hard to get excited about wearing makeup.

In November, I went to a seminar and in one of the sessions there was an engineer turned motivational speaker and she was talking about how we appear is how we are perceived. She’s right, if I constantly wear jeans and t-shirts and never wear makeup or make an effort to do my hair then I feel ho-hum, I give off a ho-hum vibe and are easily overlooked and underestimated.

Still skeptical? I was too, she gave me three pieces of advice and for 6 months I have been following them religiously with pretty cool results.

#1 If you want people to look and listen to what you are saying make your eyes and lips POP!

#2 Wear clothes that fit you, lost weight? Get out of your fat pants, gained a little? You’re not fooling anyone and you’re miserable – people can tell (luckily, I was in the first group but I was wearing slacks that were too loose in the seat and she gave me an earful).

#3 Find a flattering haircut – ditch the ponytail, ditch the bumpit in the front which is just as bad as a ponytail.Selena

So I did all three. Here’s before and after.

Selena Price

Now let’s circle around back to #1. If you are like me your makeup tutorial came from YM magazine which means that I never learned about proper application or color matching or that foundation doesn’t have to be cakey.

Well just like me, makeup, makeup brushes and techniques have evolved since 1985. So 6 months later and I’m obsessed with three things, my makeup – ‘Younique’, my hair care products ‘Wella Root Shoot’ and ‘Verb Sea Spray’ AND Cool Makeup brushes like Start Makers.

The brushes even arrive in a great box!

Start Makers Make up brushes

Start Makers Make up brushes

Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes
Makeup Brushes

Make up brushes

Stepping out of my comfort zone has been transformational for me and confusing for the guys I work with, suddenly I’m a girl and that just weirds them out. My makeup bag went from being a small sad little pouch of three items to a jam-packed bag of brave new colors, higher quality products and lipstick – so much lipstick. I am NOT a girly girl but I will admit I love Selena 2.0.

Expanding my makeup selection has forced me to admit that my makeup brushes were too few, too cheap and too old. Enter the Start Makers 32+1 Piece Set. Holy cow this set has it all, I mean 32 pieces? That’s bananas! The only thing not included is the kitchen sink.

What I have learned is there are essentially 2 kinds of makeup brush, synthetic blends and natural. Synthetics don’t involve animals in any way and are terrific for cream based products (foundation, cream blushes, lipsticks, liquid liners), they clean easily and don’t lose their shape after drying and they don’t shed. Natural brushes are typically softer but they shed, are made of some variety of animal hair, are more difficult to wash because they retain pigment so deeply but they spread makeup more easily and are more precise.

The benefit of this set is that its plant-based, crazy soft brushes that blend beautifully, wash easily and THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM!!!!


My only complaint is that the brushes are not labeled and there is no indication in the roll out mat or box of what each brush is used for – but don’t fret because Amazon explains what they are for.
Make up Brushes cheat sheet
This set is amazing, it comes in an efficient carrying case that looks good, stores easily and helps the brushes keep their shape.

Definitely worth your $



  • Tamra Phelps

    I love your new hairstyle. It looks great. (I’m going to have to Google ‘bumpit” though, lol. What the heck is that??)

  • CJ

    I am not a big fan of lipstick. But I love eye makeup! It does wonders for me, and when I make my eyes pop I feel better about myself, it brightens my face, and gives me confidence. People respond to that. 🙂

  • michele

    This post is so true.. you must make an effort everyday to look your best.. you might not be a glamour queen but fixing yourself up is just as important for you personally.. I am of the old school Hollywood days.. get up whether you are working outside the home or not .. do your hair… put on some outfit that suits you and your agenda for the day…even if you are not a makeup person some liner or mascara and lipstick brightens up your face and smile!

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