I Am So Bored!!

Ha!! Did I get you again?? I’m not the one that’s bored. Neither is five-year-old Alice. It’s our newest children’s book. I Am So Bored!  Written and Illustrated by Henrike Wilson.
Seriously how many times a day do you hear that from the kids?? This cute book teaches kids what to do when they are bored.

This book is about a little bear that can’t find any of his friends to play with. Even Momma Bear can’t play. This little bear finally just lies on the ground. Doing nothing. Just laying there.

This adorable book is great for teaching kids to be still and hear and see things around them. From cloud watching to pretending you can fly like a bird.

When I asked Alice if she liked the book she said ‘It’s boring’. I said “Oh Alice, does that mean you didn’t like it?” She looked at me like I had lost my mind. “No Non, it’s the BORING book!” Still not understanding if she actually liked the book or not I asked the same question in a different way “Are you going to want to read it again?” This is apparently where I made her lose her patience “Of COURSE I want to read it again!! Especially when I am BORED!”

This book is great for reminding kids that independent play is fun and a great way to use their imaginations. The illustrations throughout I Am So Bored are so cute. The little bears face is adorable. I especially love the page with the clouds, which actually look like several different things depending on who is looking! Yes, I do argue with a five-year-old, Everyone has a hobby, that’s mine!

A little bear is bored and has no idea what to do with himself. He tries to find a friend to play with him, but no one is around or available yet. Dejected, the little bear lays down on the ground with nothing to do but to stare at the sky or the grass. How boring!

Slowly, though, as he sits still, the world begins to come alive around him and his senses are awakened. The grass and the forest around him and the sky above him seem like a very different place and the bear finds himself full of curiosity. He sees things he hasn’t seen before like the shapes in the clouds and feels things he hasn’t felt before like the vibration of a bird’s wings.

I Am So Bored! is a book about imagination, slowing down the pace of life, and the power of all five senses. Take a journey with the little bear as he realizes the beauty of life that exists in the world around him. The perfect story to help little ones wind down and to take a break from screen time. Remember: boredom can sometimes be the best way to have fun.


No whines here. This is a very cute book. Cute story and adorable illustrations.

You can find I Am So Bored on Sky Pony Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores.

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author & Illustrator: Henrike Wilson
Publication Date: 9-13-2016
Number of Pages: 32 Pages
Book Type: Hardcover
Size: 10″ by 10¾″

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