I forgot……

Since my ‘baby’ is 31 I have long forgotten what it’s like to care for toddlers.
I miss the kisses and the hugs.  I miss the giggles and smiles.  I love my Grandbabies so much!!!  But I had completely forgotten everything else that comes with toddlers.
Like…. that high pitch scream because someone took away someone else’s toy.  I surprised that only dogs can’t hear it!
Getting out of the house for a walk is a whole production!!!  Changing diapers, dressing, socks & shoes, sunscreen and a jacket. Times 3.  Wait a minute…. where are your shoes??  (How can they get out of their shoes and socks and hide them all in a matter of 30 seconds?!?)  Whew we are out the doo… wait… what is THAT SMELL!??!?!
And a walk isn’t just a walk either! There’s jumping over every crack in the sidewalk, there is smelling all the flowers, pointing to all the cars, waving to all the people….. it’s a wonderful walk that burns off energy… for a while……..then…….. the one in a carrier gets cranky cause she’s hungry… one wants to be carried cause she’s walked to far and the other one sits down because he wants to go further.
Meals.  No highchair,  no booster equals BIG mess!  (And a lot of time with the stain stick!!)
Chubby hands that were, 1 milla-second ago, holding goldfish crackers, will instead feed Nonnie dog food!!
Naptime. Ummm hummm as soon as you get all 3 asleep the UPS or Fed-ex guy WILL ring the doorbell.
My feet are sticking to the floor.  I don’t get to pee alone OR with the door shut. I can’t get into the shower without first moving a million toys and WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!?!

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