I need opinions PLEASE?!

I need some help/opinions from my fellow bloggers.  I won a giveaway on July 28th. 

A BIG one!! 

23 items for a grand total of  $$ 962.00 $$  
A whole slew of awesome things for Baby Alice. (Who was not even 2 months old at the time)  
I sent my information as soon as I got the email.  To date I received one item.  I’ve sent several more nice emails asking the person who threw the giveaway if she had any idea how I’ll be contacted for the personalized items.  She won’t write me back. If I hadn’t gotten one of the items on the list I would think she didn’t receive any of my emails. But the first item on the list arrived September 4th.  I immediately sent her a note on her blog thanking her. She doesn’t comment back.  This is an established blogger. She has several even.  So it’s not that it was fake blog…. (are there fake blogs?)  One thing that I am worried about is the original end date was April 30th….. do companies have an expiration date on prizes?? 
Is 2 months normal for 22 different companies to send out goodies??  
What would you do?  
Would you write the individual companies?  Would they send the prize even though the request isn’t coming from the blogger that held the giveaway? 
Would you just write it all off as ‘that would have been SO COOL for BabyAlice?’
What would you do?  Have you ever not gotten a win?  What have you done??   
I know I should just let it go…. but so many of the items would come in sooooooooooo handy for Alice.  UGH!!!!   UGH UGH!!!!!!
I would love to hear your opinions!!  Thank you!!!!!  Now…. back to finding things to dress up Alice in… I think we will skip the pumpkin suit since that didn’t go over very well the other day.  
THANK YOU!!!!!!  


  • jdubu2

    Did the blogger have a date of delivery in her contest rules? if she is having issues with the prizes the very least she should do is follow up with you, but I would think you should have gotten them by now.. I would email her again with a not so nice tone to say you are considering writing the companies directly. I think there might be the word fraud mentioned in my email to her, but then again, I am not as patient or nice as you ;).

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