Ideal spots for some R&R

Are you feeling that the world is a little bit too much and you need to find those ideal spots for some R&R to recharge your inner engines? Here are some wonderful places that you can visit to revive those run-down psychic batteries! 

Ideal spots for some R&R Lake Louise, Banff National Park, CanadaLake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada

Banff National Park was established in 1885. Its stunning mountain scenery features crystal-clear lakes, glaciers, ice fields, and thick coniferous forests. The hamlet of Lake Louise possibly offers the most perfect getaway you can find. The dramatic beauty of this incredible lake and its environs truly must be seen to be believed. 

A wide range of accommodation options are available for the R&R experience of a lifetime. You can choose from luxury hotels, chalets that are suitable for families, and friendly B&Bs. There are also many RV sites, campgrounds and hostels for the more budget conscious. Or you can embark on a trek to a back-country lodge for the ultimate off-the-grid retreat away from it all. 

BON Hotel, Swakopmund, Namibia

Ideal spots for some R&R BON Hotel, Swakopmund, NamibiaTry Namibia for an R&R experience with a difference! The marvelous 34-room, 4-Star BON Hotel in Swakopmund is located on the Namibian coastline just minutes from the Swakopmund CBD. It lies between the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert. 

The name, Namib, is of Khoekhoe origin and most aptly means ‘vast place’, a fitting description of this evocative and ancient landscape. Activities in Swakopmund include sandboarding, desert camel tours, and a variety of museums and galleries. 

The hotel forms part of The Dome, which is a modern, highly innovative indoor sports/conference center with state-of-the-art facilities. The BON Hotel offers the discerning traveler luxury accommodation, excellent dining at the superb Zest Restaurant, as well as a fitness and wellness center, complete with 25-meter heated indoor swimming pool. 

The Devil’s Bridge, Germany 

Ideal spots for some R&R The Devil’s Bridge, GermanyThe Rakotzbrücke is known as ‘The Devil’s Bridge’ because surely the devil must have had a hand in building something so astonishing! It was built in the 1860 by a knight using local stone. It stands dreaming over the perfect half-circle of its reflection that, almost magically, forms a perfect circle with itself. 

It is situated in the beautiful surroundings of botanical Azalea and Rhododendron Park in Kromlau, Gablenz, Germany. The park has no entry fee and can be entered at any time, though there is a fee to park in the parking area. The bridge can no longer be crossed in view of its conservation.  A variety of accommodation (hotels, hostels, villas, apartments and B&Bs) is available in the village of Kromlau.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Ideal spots for some R&R Blue Lagoon, IcelandThe world-renowned Blue Lagoon is assuredly one the most popular visitor destinations in Iceland. It is a geothermal spa that is a true wonder of nature. It is situated in a lava field and offers you the amazing opportunity to luxuriate in warm, mineral-rich water while it is literally freezing outside! 

On clear nights, you might even see the marvel of the Northern lights as you soak in the warm water. A variety of accommodation options (Rakuten cashback available)are available for the visitor who wishes to experience this marvel of nature.

Over the sea to Skye, Scotland

Ideal spots for some R&R Over the sea to Skye, ScotlandThe historic Isle of Skye, with its rich history, offers an excellent destination for some R&R. Skye abounds with features of natural beauty – lochs, forests, and mist-shrouded mountains. It offers great opportunities for seeing wildlife like white-tailed sea eagles, red deer, seals, otters, dolphins and whales.  Skye is a much sought-after destination for climbers and hikers with the Cuillin Range on offer. 

Skye offers a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from hotels, self-catering cottages, B&Bs and the innovative Skyewalker hostel and Jedi huts! 

Nature Lodge Sepilok, Malaysia 

Ideal spots for some R&R Nature Lodge Sepilok, MalaysiaThe world famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in the state Sabah lies about 16 miles from Sandakan in Malaysia. This rehabilitation center for orphaned and rescued baby orangutans was opened in 1964. It was the first official orangutan rehabilitation established for baby orangutans displaced by logging sites, hunting and the illegal pet trade.

The Nature Lodge Sepilok offers visitors the unique opportunity to visit this sanctuary, as well as the Sandakan Rainforest Discovery Center and the Bornean Sun Bear Center. Accommodation is available in chalets that are equipped with their own showers, and also dormitory rooms that sleep 8 people. The Lodge also has a restaurant and provides ample parking.

Ise Jingu, Japan

Ideal spots for some R&R Ise Jingu, JapanIf what you seek is the ultimate in peace and tranquility, then the beauty of this Shinto Shrine, one of the holiest places in Japan, is for you. It is dedicated to the Japanese sun goddess, Amaterasu Omikami, who is also the goddess of order and harmony. 

People visit this shrine not just for its immense historical significance and iconic architecture, but also the restorative beauty of its natural setting and spiritual ambiance. Come and see why it’s affectionately known as ‘the soul of Japan’!

Now, before you pack your bags don’t forget to do all your research so that you pack correctly, learn the customs AND read up on being SAFE while you travel.


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