iEGrow Slim Keyboard Case For iPad Air 2


I use my iPad every single day. Now, using my iPad Air 2 just got a WHOLE lot easier thanks the iEGrow Keyboard Case.
Here is what I love about this keyboard case. First, this case doesn’t add a lot of weight to my iPad Air since the case weighs in at 1.2 pounds. Which makes it easy to throw it in my bag and go.
My iPad Air inserted in the case super easy and fits like a glove! Getting it out, that’s another thing. This case holds very tight, almost too tight. When I want the iPad out I have to enlist the help of The Husband, he is way stronger than I am.
Connecting my iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case to the Internet couldn’t be easier! Fn+C opens the blue-tooth signal on the keyboard. Pairing was instantaneous!

Once you’ve connected you can choose to have the keyboard backlit which is really nice feature for using this keyboard in a poorly lit room.  The keyboard itself is comfortable to use. The keys are very responsive. The keys are comfortable to type on with just enough cushion. The keys are well spaced.

This case truly turns your iPad into a mini laptop. It does not rotate 360. So you will have to remove your iPad to use it as a tablet.

More things that impressed me with the iEGrow Case is the look, This is a beautiful aluminium case, I chose the gold which is a very pale rose gold. It’s beautiful! The keyboard arrives charged so I was using my keyboard immediately. That was a great bonus.

Opening the case activates your iPad’s auto wake up feature.


My biggest whine about the iEGrow Keyboard Case is removing my iPad. It’s very difficult to remove. If you have any trouble with your hands and don’t have someone available to help you, I would pass on this one until that feature is fixed. Other than that, this is a great case. It looks expensive, it’s a beautiful color, the keyboard is responsive and a joy to type on.



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