I’ll be on the Radio TODAY!! 12/5/2012 11est!

The Lovely Blythe Lipman

This is Blythe Lipman. I will be on her Radio Show today! Wednesday 12/3/2012. 11:00am est.

Blythe Lipman’s Baby And Toddler Time radio show!

I still can’t believe it. Please tune in!! Send me good thoughts that I don’t stutter or have a mental black out!! 45 minutes is a long time!!

I’ll also be pulling the winners of the “Help!! My My Baby Came without Instructions Book” giveaway!
December 5th, 11-12EST on Baby and Toddler Instructions at www.toginet.com
Call-in with your questions – 877-864-4869.

December 5th, 11amEST

on www.toginet.com


  • Diane K.Brimmer

    I was just going to post, ” So how was it?” But it looks as if you did wonderful as I knew you would. You have many fans as well as family to show you you are special and good at what you do. Congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    You were awesome. You spoke with a passion that comes from loving what you do. Congradulations, I hope that this is just the beginning. DH

  • Anonymous

    I just listened to you on the radio……you are awesome I loved it, you are a natural I am looking forward to your next interview. gg

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